Core Roadmap

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and NavCoin’s community roadmap is aimed at changing that. As a community, we are laying the foundation for NavCoin to be an industry-leading cryptocurrency by building better money.

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ZeroCT Implementation Phase 2

Project lead: Skreener

Adding Confidential Transactions with Bulletproofs to conceal the transaction amounts on the blockhain. This implementation removes the requirement for denomination based accumulators.

ZeroCT Beta

Project lead: Alex Vazquez

Once both phases of the ZeroCT implementation have been completed the new privacy protocol will go into an extensive testing and peer review period.

Cold Staking GUI Improvements

Project lead: Craig MacGregor

Improving the graphical interface for the cold staking address creation wizard and the display of staking rewards and balances in both spending and staking wallets.

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In Progress

CFund GUI Improvements

Project lead: Andreas Knapp

Improving the graphical interface to make it even easier to create, browse and vote on Community Fund proposals and payment requests.

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Beta Testing

NavCoin v4.5.2

Project lead: Marcus Chan

The features to be included in NavCoin Core v4.5.2 are currently being merged and tested in preparation for release.

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ZeroCT Implementation Phase 1

Project lead: Skreener

This is the first Phase of implementing ZeroCT and contains the Zerocoin accumulator implementation. It uses denominated accumulators and Confidential Transactions are not yet implemented.

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Community Roadmap

The Core Roadmap only showcases protocol related projects which are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the NavCoin eco-system. To check out what has been or is being built ontop of the NavCoin protocol, head on over to NavHub and check out the community projects and roadmap there.

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