Getting Started With Nav Coin

1. Download the latest version of the wallet

This will allow you to send/receive transactions, and earn 5% on your NAV (when you activate staking)

Download Your Wallet

2. Install and sync your wallet

Once you have installed the wallet on your computer, it will take a number of hours to automatically sync and catch up with the blockchain.

3. Send NAV to your wallet

There are a couple of ways to get NAV:
1) Exchange Bitcoin for NAV on an exchange, such as Poloniex or Bittrex.
2) Use Changelly to buy NAV directly using your credit card.
Note: Various exchange fee’s will apply when purchasing Bitcoin or Nav Coin

4. Enable staking in your wallet

Once you have some NAV in your wallet, you can enable staking which will earn you 5% per annum.
Remember to note that staking rewards can take some time to get paid out, and will depend on how much NAV you have in your wallet (read our FAQ for more information).

5. Learn more about NAV & join the community

Check out our in depth FAQ page here to learn more about Nav Coin, and how it works.

We also have a number of community channels that you can use to talk to other Nav Coin users and staff – with the most popular being our Slack channel, our Twitter, and Facebook profile.

6. Donate to help the team

While the Nav Coin team has a number of full time staff, most are part time, and it is entirely self funded by individuals that believe in the Nav Coin project.

So if you would like to help Nav Coin grow, please donate NAV to the following addresses:

  • Development/General Fund

    To help pay for development staff/freelancers & which will help speed up the projects.

    Send NAV to:

    view on block explorer

  • Marketing Fund

    This will go directly into paying for advertising (Google + Facebook), video content, and press releases on news websites.

    Send NAV to: Nfi9dtmDPTW6uAhfyfrrDSX6Ya3fQqooF3

    view on block explorer