Where to buy NAV

You can buy NAV from decentralized exchanges such as AtomicDEX-CE (guide) and PancakeSwap (guide), or centralized exchanges like SouthXchange and Bittrex. If you wish to acquire xNAV instead, it's possible to swap NAV to xNAV at a 1 to 1 rate using one of our wallets.

Use a light wallet to hold your coins

Use our family of light wallets to hold your coins without the need of advanced technical skills to make it happen. This option also enables you to cold-stake your coins and earn rewards by doing so. Find out more about cold-staking your coins, while using a light wallet, here.


NavCash is an electrum-based light wallet enabling users to safely store and spend their coins using hardware wallets (e.g. Ledger Nano S). It also allows you to cold-stake your coins and to participate in the governance of our network.


A light wallet with a modern UI enabling users to safely store and spend their coins. NEXT also enables you to cold-stake your coins and to participate in the governance of our network.


A security-first, multi-chain light wallet for both mobile & desktop.


A paper wallet to which its keys are generated, printed and stored offline for additional security.

Set up a full node

By setting up a full node, you can help to secure the network by validating its transactions. You can also choose to participate in the mixing of coins on the private side of the network, and thus help enhance its privacy. A full node requires regular maintenance and a bit more technical skills than that of a light wallet, and thus full node operators are also the ones to be rewarded the most for their efforts. For the purpose of setting up a full node, we recommend you to download Navcoin Core, which is the official reference implementation published by the Navcoin Core development team.


Version 7.0.3


Version 7.0.1


Version 7.0.3

Contribute to Navcoin

Navcoin is a community initiative that allows anyone to contribute in a number of different ways. Governance participation, development, content creation, promotion and adoption are all equally important to us as a decentralized digital currency.

Join us

Take part in our community and share your thoughts and ideas on how Navcoin can continue its mission to protect the financial privacy of every individual.

On-chain voting

Help govern the network by voting on proposals and on changes to its consensus. This applies to anyone that stakes their coins counting one vote per stake.

Provide liquidity

To ensure that trading pairs of NAV has enough liquidity on decentralized exchanges, we've enabled farming for certain liquidity pools.

Pay with NAV

If you run a website or an online business, you can help expand our reach by allowing your visitors to tip or make payments using Navcoin.

Claim a bounty

Participate in one of our bounty programs and earn a reward for contributions such as finding a bug in our software, or by fixing an existing one.

Apply for a grant

Anyone with an idea, and the willingness and ability to carry it out, can apply for a grant to be issued by our network through its decentralized treasury.

Help and support

If you have any questions about Navcoin, or if you're in need of assistance to resolve issues related to the setup of your wallet or node, then feel free to visit our support page or join one of our social channels and ask our community for help using the dedicated help and support channels.