Welcome To Navcoin

If you're new to this project, and not sure where to start, then here are some handy steps to follow.

Getting Started

Step 1: Learn about Navcoin

Navcoin; an affordable, fast and eco-friendly cryptocurrency. Since 2014, an entire ecosystem has developed around Navcoin from easy to use mobile wallets to simplified private payment solutions - all built and maintained by an active international community without an central authority or governance.

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Step 2: Choose your wallet

Your wallet is the main way to interact with your digital coins, and is what you use to send & receive NAV. There are different types of wallets - from ‘full’ wallets that give you complete control and allow you to participate in the Navcoin network, to ‘thin’ wallets that are easier to use.

Wallets Wallets

Step 3: Get NAV

Once you’ve chosen your wallet, there are a few ways to acquire NAV. The quickest of which is through a cryptocurrency exchange. You’ll essentially send BTC to the exchange, and convert it into NAV. You can find NAV on several top exchanges - such as Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex.

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Step 4: Secure the network

If you’re running the Navcoin Core wallet, then you have the option to stake your coins and receive staking rewards at 4% per annum. There are a range of devices to make staking easier and lots of information created by the community to help get you set up.

Step 5: Get involved in Navcoin projects

Navcoin isn’t just a cryptocurrency - it’s a community who believe in a new vision for money. And a community is only as strong as the individuals that contribute to it. With the Community Fund, you can get paid for getting involved in Navcoin projects. Join our community channels and get involved.

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