Navcoin For Business

Is your business ‘future ready?’ More and more people are looking for ways to pay using their digital currency. If you want to stay ahead of the trend, now’s the time to start accepting it at your store and online. Navcoin has the right payment solution for your business.

Why Navcoin Is Good For Business

Fast payments

Transactions show up in as little as five seconds, and confirmed in thirty seconds.


Payment records permanently stored on a decentralized network, with 24/7 access.


Payment is easy as scanning a QR code. Funds automatically transfer to your Navcoin wallet.

Low fees

Navcoin is one of world's cheapest payment networks in the world, with fees typically under one percent.


Join a payment network that consumes only a fraction of the energy of other networks.


A range of payment options to suit your business requirements, with even more in development.

Accept Payments In Person

NavPay is a light wallet that works with your smartphone or desktop computer. Customers just scan your QR code and their funds transfer to your wallet almost instantly. With no blockchain to download, it's an easy way to get started.

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Accept Personal Payments

Integrating NavButtons for quick payments is an easy to implement option that suits individuals or side businesses. It’s as easy as copy-pasting some code onto your website. There is a choice of embeddable buttons, or QR codes for even easier sharing.

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