Vote In The Banner Competition

We have our winners! The majority of the banners got a decent number of votes, but there were two banners that came out on top.

In first place with 16 votes was veryinfamous

In second place with 9 votes was arthurrimbaud

Thanks for voting everyone! We will now get in contact with the winners, and start to organise the¬†Adwords campaign. We’ll keep you updated with our progress in the weekly reports.

You can see the winning banners below:


Banner Competition:

The submission period for the community banner competition has finished! Here is a full list of the submitted banners – so take a look through them all and vote for your favourite in the widget below. We’ll give this a few days to run (until the 21st July) to allow everyone to participate.

The prizes for the banners with the most votes are as follows:
First prize = 500 NAV
Second prize = 250 NAV

The rest of the money raised will go towards the media budget in Google Adwords. So far this is looking to be about 3,000 NAV (which is about US$850 at the current price).

We’ll follow up with more information about the campaign once the winners have been announced.

Community Banner Competition

Submitted Banners



pcre (1)

pcre (2)


Prospector_AU (1)

Prospector_AU (2)

Prospector_AU (3)


colvano (1)

colvano (2)

colvano (3)

colvano (4)



jaPshift (1) and (2)




monotales (1)

monotales (2)

serpentgawd (1)

serpentgawd (2)

lokesh (1)

lokesh (2)

lokesh (3)