Project Roadmap


Where we’re going

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and it’s our mission to change that. The Nav Coin wallets are easy to use and have great built in privacy features.

Our upcoming projects continue on that journey of providing great software that does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Upcoming Projects

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    NAVTech Wallet Rebuild

    To simplify running a NAVTech node, we are looking to integrate Nav Coin and the Subchain into a single multi-chain wallet. This will make it easier for everyone to process anonymous transactions, and is the precursor to the next generation of the NAVTech system.

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    Upgrading our Anonymous Tech - NAVTech 2.0

    With the multi-chain wallet working, we will then begin to port the NAVTech scripts into the wallet itself. At this point we would also look at how we can open the cluster system up to being a trustless mesh network so anyone can easily participate and gain rewards.

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    Nav Coin Direct - An Easier Way To Buy NAV

    With the success of our PayPal NAV purchasing through our merchandise store we are going to build a purchasing platform for buying NAV with Fiat Currencies, Pay Pal, Credit Cards and more.

Currently In Progress

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    NavTech v1.2 @ 95%

    NavTech 1.2 will address the metadata inference of NavTech transactions when the system is running at low volume. We will be implementing multiple output addresses, variable fees, time delays and dummy transactions.

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    Anonymous DApps Planning @ 90%

    We are looking into the possibility of upgrading Nav Coin and the Subchain to implement smart contracts. The idea being this will enable people to build Anonymous Decentralized Apps (ADapps) on top of our existing dual blockchain system. This milestone for the feasibility phase of the project where we research Dapp platforms and frame up what ours will look like.

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    Mobile & Web Wallets @ 80%

    After the release of Nav Coin 4.0.0 we will begin working on a full suite of Mobile & Web Wallets based on the Copay source code. Copay is an amazing javascript based wallet which will provide us with a great platform to build our Nav Coin wallets on top of.

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    Marketing Roadmap @ 75%

    With our Q1 releases out of the gate, our marketing team will be able to refocus on the wider branding message and marketing strategy. The first step is to formalise a marketing roadmap and present our marketing plan.

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    Rebuilding the Subchain @ 50%

    With the successful upgrade to the new Nav Coin Core, we will be aligning the subchain source with the new code base. This will mean restarting that blockchain and also preparing to integrate the Subchain into the Nav Coin wallet.

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    NavTech Polymorph @ 33%

    NAVTech Polymorph is a fusion of NAVTech’s Anon transactions and Changelly’s instant exchange. It will enable users to send any one of 25+ cryptocurrencies anonymously through the dual blockchain powered NAVTech anonymous transaction system.

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    Nav Pi JS @ 15%

    After the successful launch of NavPi, we are working towards streamlining the interface. This means a full redevelopment using Angular2 served by NodeJS. This also aims to improve the performance of the front end giving a smoother user experience.

Completed Projects

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    Pre Built NavPi's

    We are working towards sourcing and supplying NAV branded NavPi units on the Nav Coin Store. These will ship with the image pre-loaded onto the memory card so all you will need to do is plug them in and send the coins.

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    NAVTech 1.1

    We are reviewing and fully unit testing the NAVTech source code. First optimizing and testing the existing source and fixing some small bugs we have listed as issues on the github project

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    Nav Coin Core 4.0.0

    We are rebuilding Nav Coin Core up to date with the Bitcoin 0.13 source. This will increase Nav Coin’s stability, capabilities and ability to integrate with other services. By updating to 0.13 we will get some great technical benefits including the capability to have a Nav Coin Insight API and Segregated Witness.

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    NavPi StakeBox

    A low-energy Nav Coin staking solution based on the Raspberry-Pi platform. NAV’s highly anticipated web interface enabled staking unit, offers a more energy efficient way to earn Nav Coin rewards and participate in transaction verificaion.

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    Website Redesign

    We are redesigning the main Nav Coin website with the aim of giving a better experience to new and returning users. We have thoroughly mapped out the User Journey and hope this makes the site much easier to navigate and use.

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    Decentralization Implementation

    The release of the new Navtech value-transfer system, was a key piece of the decentralization network implementation. The new architecture allows Navtech servers to operate in trusted clusters and form their own private mesh network of processing servers which anyone will be able to run and earn rewards from.

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    Anonymous Merchant Integration

    Once we have finished the initial merchant gateway, we will integrate the merchant gateway with our anonymous network to allow for the anonymous purchasing of products.

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    Merchant Gateway

    Nav Coin has been added to Coin Payments merchant gateway system. This allows merchants to accept Nav Coin in their physical stores and also on their websites.

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    NAVTech NodeJS

    Rebuilding the Nav Coin Anonymous Tranasction System “Navtech” is a top priority for us. The redevelopment of the system allows for a smoother transition to a fully decentralised system.

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    Thin Client for Desktop

    Our custom X13 Electrum server also enables us to build a thin client for desktop. This will be a great addition to the Nav Coin software suite and give people instant access to their Nav Coin without having to sync the entire block chain!

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    NAVTech Public Release

    With the main block chain successfully hard forked, the network stabilised and the major exchanges successfully running on the new wallet we are able to move forward into the final stage of deployment. The double encrypted Navajo Anonymous network will be fully functional and open to the public from Monday 23rd of March 2015.

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    NAVTech Beta Test

    The public beta test of our Nav Anonymous Transactions system will begin on the 1st of February 2015. It will run for two weeks at which point it will close and we will begin processing the beta results. During the testing phase there will be a bounty set for anyone who can successfully trace the transactions from origin to destination. The beta test will be unencrypted to help us with analysis and testing.

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    We will run a NAV faucet as well as the POS Wallet faucet. You will be able to register your wallet address with the faucet and be in the lottery to get sent free NAVs.

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    Block Explorer

    We have been added to the Cryptoid Block Explorer. The block explorer allows people to look up wallet addresses and see its public balance and transactions.