Weekly Update; NAVTech, Sync Fix, New Team Members

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Hi Nav Coiners, Happy New Year to you all!  We are back for our first weekly announcement of 2017! For anyone new around here the weekly announcements happen Tuesday evenings NZDT (GMT+13). We have been busy over the holiday season sowing the seeds of a fruitful year.


NAVTech Decentralisation

After the successful open sourcing of our NAVTech platform late last year, we have been busy over the break working with our first 3rd party NAVTech cluster operators to get them up and running. Mogrith has his server pair setup and I believe is currently accepting NAVTech transactions.

Self moderated public clusters can be found, upvoted and commented on via our subreddit.


Or one of our community members has setup this website.


Our official NAVTech cluster information and status is also available on our website.



Nav Coin Full Node Wallet 3.9.0

We are pleased to announce that we have released an update to our full node wallets which fixes the syncing issues that we’ve seen in the past.

The new wallet includes an implementation of the I2P router which offers a layer of anonymity when your wallet is connecting to the Nav network.

The wallet should now properly crawl the p2p network to find peers to connect to so you should start to see more connections as people upgrade. It is still recommended to add the nodes found on the public blockchain listing to ensure maximum connectivity

The supernodes should now also be working properly to provide connections.

Head on over to the downloads section of the website to get the new wallet for Windows or Linux. We are still working to get the OSX version stable across all versions but we hope to release this in the next couple of days.


We are still working to compile the Mac OSX version of the wallet. We have been having some issues compiling a stable version of the latest source but we hope to have this finished in the next couple of days.


New Team Members Petros Anagnostou and Alex V.

Petros is coming on board to help the marketing team. He has a wealth of experience in crypto marketing and is the operator of http://icotimeline.com. He has been a big help over the last month getting us onto numerous new exchanges and helping promote our brand. We are happy to bring him on board officially.

Alex is an iOS developer who is also experienced in C++. He is coming on board to help with development of our wallet family. Already he has been helping us with the OSX wallet and is also looking into forking the Copay wallet to give us an iOS offering.

You can keep up to date with our team as it grows on the website


We are still looking for more intermediate – senior developers to come onboard and help with our development projects. For now the pay is modest but we are looking at ways to raise some venture capital and the positions will hopefully turn into contract work at industry rates.

Contact us if you think you fit the bill!


Nav Coin Bounties

We have also released some updates to the website including a bounties page.


We are looking to work with some good developers to peer review our NAVTech system and offer their thoughts, suggestions, optimizations  and bugfixes.

We are currently engaged with some web designers who are looking at reskinning and optimizing our current website.

If you are interested in claiming a bounty, please make sure you email admin@navcoin.org to discuss prior to starting work. Awarding the bounties is not automatic.


New Exchange

Nav Coin has been added to Nova Exchange which as well as trading offers dice gambling using Nav Coin. We were added a couple of weeks ago but they had some issues with the blockchain which have been resolved with our latest sync fix and are fully operational.



Nav Coin Coinomi Integration

Coinomi are in the process of adding Nav Coin to their multi wallet which has over 10,000 daily users. Their wallet is currently Android only but they are in the final stages of deploying for Desktop and iOS. We think being part of their multi wallet will be a great boost for Nav Coin’s exposure to the wider crypto market. We hope their wallet will be finished this week and ready for their next deployment cycle.



Nav Coin Hardware Wallets

We have been in talks with KeepKey and Ledger Wallet about commissioning a Nav Coin hardware wallet using either of their products. We are currently looking at how to more easily integrate with their existing software to lower the cost admission to their platforms. Both seem like great products, we will keep you posted on how we progress.




Nav Coin Debit Cards

We have been in talks with a few of the Crypto Debit Card manufacturers and are in the process of getting quotes from each for deploying Nav Coin onto their systems. Having an easy way to spend NAV through existing point of sale systems is a key role in making NAV fungible and would be a real asset to our eco system.

I think that’s about all we have to report this week. As always the wheels keep turning as we tirelessly look at ways we can improve Nav Coin’s core services and add value to our platform.

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