The Wheels Keep on Turning at Nav Coin HQ

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It really has been a massive week for Nav Coin this week. We have seen the release of our 4.0.0 Core wallet, NAVTech 1.1 and the NavPi from the development team. Alongside our great new website, Q1 press release and the social media competition from by our awesome new marketing team.

We have moved a lot of projects from in progress to completed and have also started on our next batch of projects.

You can have a look at what we’ve ticked off here:

Project Roadmap

Alex has begun work on our full suite of Mobile & Web Wallets based on the Copay source code. Copay is an amazing javascript based wallet which will provide us with a great platform to build our Nav Coin wallets on top of.

Victor is going to look at improving our NavPi, streamlining the interface and improving performance. This means a full redevelopment using Angular2 served by NodeJS.

Guy is comparing supplier options for sourcing and supplying NAV branded NavPi units on the Nav Coin Store. These will ship with the image pre-loaded onto the memory card so all you will need to do is plug them in and send the coins.

Craig is busy preparing to present his talk “Exploring Private Cryptocurrencies” for the Bloktex conference this weekend in Kuala Lumpur. Once he gets back from KL, he will begin to work rebuilding the Subchain aligning it with the new core code base. This will mean restarting that blockchain and is a vital step toward integrating the Subchain into the Nav Coin wallet.

If you’re near KL, you should definitely head along to the conference:

Kieren has been largely focused on helping with the Q1 release schedule since being onboarded. He has been a huge help with our new website, the Q1 press releases and also our very successful social media campaign. With that pressure off, the marketing team can now refocus on the wider branding message and marketing strategy. The first step is to formalise a marketing roadmap and present our marketing plan.

You can see all the things we’ve started this week here:

Project Roadmap

We may have been a bit quieter than usual this week online due to the team having a couple days of hard earned rest after our successful (but very demanding) Q1 launch. As you can see, we still have made a lot of progress and as always, the wheels keep turning at Nav Coin HQ.

We have a lot of great projects in the works and lots of amazing things lined up for the rest of the year. So stick around and come on this journey with us.

Talk soon,
Nav Coin Team

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