The Future of Nav Coin is Now

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Designing a complicated and theoretically secure value-transfer system is fairly easy; examples are plentiful in the crypto scene. However, such systems, although never broken, are never used.

As in many undertakings, the difficulty lies in doing things in the simplest possible way and creating a system that consumes no more resources than necessary (be it computing power or human brainpower). Because the ultimate goal of a cryptocurrency is to be used and to allow to create a system which would help making the world a better and fairer place, we support a notion of elegance that is more related with minimalism and simplicity than with mathematical beauty — an elitist and subjective notion which is very likely to eternally remain the only object of academic research.

Today we release a major update of our complete products family. This notion of simplicity had a big presence during the whole development process. Our Core has been modernised to have all the advantages from the latest BitCoin developments, while its graphical interface has been totally redesigned to be the cleanest and simplest to use GUI we’ve ever had.

A new member just arrived to the family: NavPI. A little piece of hardware which will allow you to store and stake your coins in an eco-friendly way. The full project is open source —building your own one will become a funny exercise and everything at a very low cost.

Last but not least, our renowned decentralised private payment processor, NavTech, has been refreshed with its first version bump — from now it will be even more safe to transfer NAVs privately between users.

Three products which wouldn’t have been possible without the big support of our community.

We want to send you the biggest THANK YOU.

We promise this is just the beginning.


Download the Future of NavCoin at

Learn everything about NavCoin Core 4.0.0 biggest technical changes at

Read about our latest software update at

2 Comments on “The Future of Nav Coin is Now”

  1. Great work guys.

    You’re repping NZ hard with being one of the only group of guys building crypto who actually put work in rather than hyping hot air from the get-go.

    Craig, I’m a big admirer of your no bullshit, no ego approach. Hope we get to catch up in person one day but for now my travels have taken me far from Aucks.

    Keep it up, love your work.


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