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It’s time for our weekly update and as always the team has been busy working towards our major projects of 2017. Our focus right now is to clear unfinished projects and prepare the soil to plant our biggest seeds yet.

Full Node Sync Issue

After a lot of debugging and testing we believe we have found the source of the intermittent sync issues people have been experiencing. We have tested this on an environment which was experiencing the sync problem and now it has 25+ connections and syncs perfectly.

We are still in the process of compiling the Mac and Windows and performing cross platform tests, but we hope to have this released in the next few days. We will post again when the 3.10.0 wallet is ready.

Nav Coin added to Coinomi

The awesome people at Coinomi have added us to their great multi wallet. This is now our recommended way to store NAV on your mobile until we have completed our Copay fork.

Please note that you can not have both our current Nav Android wallet and the Coinomi wallet installed at the same time due to some namespace conflicts.

To install Coinomi we would recommend to first transfer your NAV off your Android wallet, install the Coinomi wallet and send your NAV back to an address generated inside Coinomi.

We do suggest switching to Coinomi at least until we have our Copay fork ready. It is a great piece of software and they have ironed out the bugs our Android wallet was experiencing.

Nav Coin Website Upgrade

Over the weekend Craig met with our new Web Designer, David Q to discuss and plan the overhaul of the main Nav Coin website. David has some great ideas and has a wealth of knowledge around User Experience which is going to make the new design awesome.

We are having another meeting this week with our marketing team and from there we hope to commence work on the actual design and build.

One of the things we want to achieve is to simplify the website, currently there is so much going on it is pretty overwhelming for new users. One way we are simplifying it is to move a lot of the technical documentation away from the main site to our new wiki.

Nav Coin Wiki

As stated above, we have begun to move our technical documentation away from the main website into the new Nav Coin Wiki.

We have moved our main guides there already and will be adding more information to it over the coming weeks.

If you are interested in becoming an editor of our wiki, please message and let us know what content you are wanting to create. Registration is private and we will need to manually add you to the user list.

Not all the articles need to be technical, it could be how to use a particular exchange, or service. There is much content we can create and all help is appreciated.

Craig MacGregor Full Time from 1 February

Craig has resigned from his employment to work full time on Nav Coin from 1 February.

Originally in 2014 Craig was working on Nav Coin solely in the evenings and weekends. Over the years Nav Coin has grown and in 2016 Craig reduced his work to 3 days per week to officially work on Nav Coin part time. This year Nav Coin has many projects to complete and such a bright future that Craig has resigned from his employment to make Nav Coin his sole focus.

We are excited to have Craig on board full time and look forward to his continued dedication to this project. It’s a pivotal time for Nav Coin and with a growing team we are glad to have him help to manage and work on our various projects.

That is our report for the week, lots of goods in there.

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team

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