Status Report on Core Upgrade and Anon DApps

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With the team starting to sink their teeth into some bigger projects we will begin to see less visible progress on a weekly time scale in terms of deliverables. The format for the weekly  update is going to therefore become a bit less formal. We will of course post our more official updates when we have completed a milestone which we can share with you all.

This week we have kick started the redesign of the website. We have had a productive meeting with Myself, Mark & David about the new face of Nav Coin, what that will look like and who the site is targeted to engage with. I have confidence in David’s skills and i think we will be able to turn around a very professional Nav Coin website in a reasonable timeframe.

Myself, Alex V and Soopy are continuing to work on the 0.13 Bitcoin fork (Nav Coin 4.0.0). We have implemented Proof of Stake and are currently testing that out. I have also started a branch for adding Navtech & improving the GUI. The next steps are to configure the core to sync with the Nav Coin blockchain and be able to submit and receive transactions.

I have also started the investigative work into the NAVTech ADapps over the last few days. There will be more to discuss around this as I complete the R&D phase and we solidify a plan for starting this project in earnest.

Victor has begun work analysing the NAVTech source and has started by running it through sonarqube which reassuringly found no major flaws in the logic. His manual review and unit testing is now underway.

Along with being booked to speak at the Auckland AML Summit and Bitcoin Malaysia’s Blockchain Conference I have also been asked to run an education seminar for the innovations team at PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) in Auckland. I will be teaching them the basics of Blockchain Technology and of course promoting Nav Coin. I am starting to get some traction in this area which I think will have a net positive effect for Nav Coin’s public visibility.

We are still having cross platform issues when compiling version 3.10.0 for both Windows and OSX. We are hoping to have these resolved soon, but if it keeps dragging out, it’s been decided our time is better spent working on the 4.0.0 version (that will definitively fix these syncing issues) than wasting days with this problem on a wallet which is soon to be replaced anyway. If you are having issues with your 3.9.0 wallet, you are welcome to compile the source yourself for your platform and it should work correctly on your local machine if you have the libraries which are required for compiling. Our master branch is up to date with version 3.10.0. Otherwise hold tight and we will have the 4.0.0 wallet out as soon as possible.

Once 4.0.0 is completed Alex will continue his work on our Copay fork which will provide us with a fully functional iOS, Android and Web Wallet. The external contractor who we hired to work on our current Web Wallet implementation has become unresponsive. This is frustrating as we were very close to getting this finished and all the demo’s they showed us were looking great but they have not managed to finish the job or send us the source code. For now I have to be realistic rather than optimistic and I am unfortunately moving the web wallet project to the “on hold” queue. If the contractor becomes active again we will of course release the web wallet as soon as he is finished. Otherwise, we would rather press forward to release an ultimately better product (the Copay fork) than waste our core team’s time on a product which is going to be replaced in the near future anyway.

I am of the understanding that the Pi Image is still working towards being finished. It had also stalled after we released the public beta version. I do hope that this will be completed in the near future but again we are relying on external factors which we don’t always have ultimate control over.

Our projects page has been updated appropriately:

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