SegWit Vote Underway, Team Expansion, ADapps

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The big news for Nav Coin this week was the start of voting for Segregated Witness to be activated on the Nav Coin Network. It’s a historic vote due to Nav Coin being the first Proof of Stake coin to vote for SegWit, truly leaving the decision in the hands of our community.

After a few teething problems, the vote is well underway with a current vote of 33% YES out of a needed 75%. The last 800 blocks show over 85% YES votes, meaning we are well on track to lock in SegWit within a week if the votes continue as they have been coming in.

You can view the vote progress here:

We have published a press release to Coin Telegraph about our SegWit vote and what it means for Nav Coin moving forward:

After a busy month with the 4.x wallet releases, Bloktex conference and SegWit vote start, the team is starting to refocus on our roadmap items. You can see our updated progress here:

We have started work to rebuild our Subchain which will be the basis of our ADapps platform. If the research proves that what we want to achieve is possible, it will be a relatively big undertaking to complete the platform. To support Nav Coin while we pursue the ADapps platform, we are expanding the team’s capabilities again. We have rented some office space to accommodate more full time staff members and are in the process of hiring a full time Junior Developer to work full time alongside our Lead Developer Craig. We are also hoping to continue to grow the development team with the potential for some of our more casual developers to come on board in a larger capacity as the project unfolds over the next month or two.

To enable higher work output from the development team, we are also consolidating our technical support efforts. Currently we are helping people via email, slack, telegram, facebook and other means which leaves our efforts fragmented. This causes the team to spend a lot of time addressing similar questions, needlessly distracting them from the real work we all want them to be focused on.

From now on, our official technical support channel will be the Nav Coin Forum.

If you have any issues with any of our products, please create a thread here and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. This way, the solutions are easily searchable by any user having a similar issue and lead to less questions falling through the cracks.

On that note, some users are reporting issues with our Electrum Wallet where the coins are showing as sent on the block explorer but they are not showing as received by their wallet. We are working to resolve this issue as a top priority. If you have your seed phrase and the transaction is showing on the block explorer, we can reassure you that your coins are safe. Once we fix the issue on our electrum server, your coins will appear. Please bear with us while we work to resolve this issue.

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