SegWit Signalling Update

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Our SegWit vote period was scheduled to automatically begin signalling at 1 May 2017 00:00 (Unix Timestamp 1493596800). The dialog to prompt to vote has appeared for everyone but it seems due to some timedate calculation the wallet is not yet submitting the vote to the network.

We have updated the wallet to have a new start date of 29 April 2017 00:00 (Unix Timestamp 1493424000) and with this new start date, the wallet is now submitting votes to the network. If you want to immediately start casting your SegWit votes, we apologetically ask you to download the latest wallet v4.0.2.1 from the website.


We believe that the v4.0.2 wallet should start casting its vote in a few days when it ticks over to a new block period. However we still recommend updating to v4.0.2.1 to immediately participate in the vote.

You can see some of the yes votes starting to roll in.

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