SegWit Locked In, Polymorph and NavPi Update

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It’s been a productive week for the Nav Coin Development team as we settle into the new office space and workflow processes. SegWit has officially been accepted on the network and is pending activation at the end of the next block period. Nav Coin has also been confirmed as an upcoming addition to the UQuid cryptocurrency debit card platform.

Segregated Witness has been officially locked in with the closing of our last period with the YES votes coming in at over 95%. An overwhelming victory for SegWit which only required 75% YES votes to achieve lock in and a resounding victory for the governance power of Proof of Stake coins. Since the votes are cast when a user mints a Proof of Stake block, the vote ends up in the hands of Nav Coin owners rather being decided by corporate mining institutions. The activation of SegWit on the network will occur when our chain reaches block 1068480 which is expected to happen approximately Sun May 21 2017 08:45:10 GMT.

The team has kicked off the NavPi 2.0 project and laid out the base framework for the new version. NavPi 2.0 will be written using NodeJS and Angular2 rather than the existing Apache and PHP stack. From our preliminary testing this is going to give the NavPi much better performance and stability as well as the possibility of adding many more useful features. To keep track of this project’s progress, you can follow it or submit suggestions its github.

The dev team have also made a good start on the Polymorph project, completing the first weekly sprint cycle with 21 story points achieved. Again a lot of this has been setting up the framework and choosing which technologies to use. We will be running a similar stack to the NavPi project with NodeJS and Angular2 being the main components. To keep track of this project’s progress, you can follow it or submit suggestions its github.

Both these projects are following the new coding standards, unit testing, git flow and productivity workflow as laid out by our lead developer Craig MacGregor. Victor and Matt are both working to these guidelines and it should see these projects even more organized and transparent than we have previously achieved.

Our fork of Copay is also progressing with Alex in the process of setting up the back end services required to support the lite wallets. He has entered the phase of refining and adapting the front end of the web and mobile wallets to be ready for deployment. This project is split across multiple repositories on the NAVCoin organisation so it is a little bit more difficult to track its progress directly. We have updated this and all our current projects to new completed percentages on the Nav Coin website.

Aside from making great progress on our two active projects, Nav Coin has also been officially announced as an upcoming addition to the Uquid cryptocurrency debit card platform.

Uquid is a debit card platform which allows you to spend any one of 35+ digital currencies as if they were GBP, USD or EUR on any terminal or service which accepts Visa. Nav Coin is a welcomed addition to their offering and we look forward to bringing you another great way to conveniently spend your NAV.

The shipment of Raspberry Pi’s for our pre-built NavPi’s to be sold on the Nav Coin Store have left their shipping dock. We are hoping to open these up for pre-order as soon as they land. Keep an eye on the store for updates to stock.

We have added wildcard SSL certificates to the Nav Coin websites alongside upgrading the web server to a new host. The SSL certificate is now valid on the main website and the forum. It will also be available on the store, wiki and paperwallet subdomains as we migrate them across to the new host.

As always, a lot of progress from the team and things are really starting to speed up with the addition of our extra development resource. We look forward to the results of this continued momentum and the activation of Segregated Witness this week.

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team.

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