Roadmap Follow Up, NavTech Upgrade and Team Expansion Plans

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Another exciting week at NavCoin HQ as we prepare to release more information on our 2018 roadmap, upgrade the NavTech Subchain and plan our team expansion.

Roadmap Follow Up

Since the release of the roadmap last week – we’ve seen a lot of excited and positive responses, as well as lots of questions. We understand the need for more information regarding the complex nature of our future projects and rest assured, we hear you and have you covered.

We’ve started writing a series of content that will explain our major NavCoin projects and the Valence Platform in a non-technical way. Covering everything from why we are building Valence, how NavCoin leverages Valence to power our next-gen NAV features, why Valence is different from other blockchain app platforms, and how we strategically plan to grow NavCoin and Valence into industry leading platforms that are widely adopted and used.

There is a lot to communicate and we are going to get started straight away. The first article will be released next week, and the series will continue to be published as it’s ready over the coming months. We will also have the Valence Technical White Paper to share in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

We are continually grateful for the overwhelming interest in our project and are looking forward to sharing the details with the community as we move towards the milestones on our roadmap. We want to ensure that this content helps everyone understand where we’re heading, and gets everyone as excited as we are.

NavTech Upgrade

NavTech uses our secondary blockchain – the NavTech Subchain – to store the encrypted data used to fulfill the private payments of NavCoin. We’ve recently upgraded the Subchain to be aligned with the current NavCoin source code and restarted its blockchain. This means it now has all the same modern technological benefits which NavCoin received when we upgraded the NavCoin source code last year. We’ll be putting the servers into maintenance mode over the weekend to roll this new Subchain out for the network. You’ll be able to see the server status on our website as we run the upgrade and we’ll ping out notifications on our social platforms.

Along with upgrading the Subchain, we’re going to adjust the value limits and lower the fees which will require some additional testing. Please bear with us as we perform this upgrade which will ultimately make NavTech cheaper, faster and better.

Team Expansion

As the scope of work becomes clearer moving forward, we are looking to further expand our team at the NavCoin HQ here in Auckland. We’re in the process of defining exactly which roles we need to create to achieve our development and strategic objectives. We will be incrementally adding more developers, designers, copywriters and administrative staff to the team over the coming months as we ramp up our efforts to take NavCoin and Valence to the next level.

Changelly Back Online

We’re happy to say that NavCoin is back up and running on the Changelly platform. Having been overloaded during the last few months meant the process of getting NAV back online was very slow – so we’re pleased that this is now resolved, giving users more ways to easily buy NAV.

Being back online means that you can now buy NAV through our website again.

Our Changelly integration in NavPay will now also be working, so you can easily start up a NavPay wallet, and purchase NAV inside our mobile app.

Purchasing NAV (and other altcoins) through their platform with USD still incurs quite a lot of fees by their credit card processor. To get a better rate consider purchasing BTC with USD and then trading the BTC for NAV.

That’s all the news we have to share this week.

Talk soon,
NavCoin Core Team

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