Project Progress, New Engineers, Marketing Strategy Update

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The Nav Coin Team has been hard at work this week, making progress on our major projects as well as onboarding new engineers. Behind the scenes the marketing team have been working on some great tools which will be added to the website soon.

Polymorph has entered its 4th sprint cycle with the main user interface built. We are now progressing to work on the changelly and block chain integrations which will enable the private sending of the top 35+ cryptocurrencies through our dual blockchain based private payment system. Last sprint we completed 37 points which is a new record for the team. Lots of great work done and the project is really picking up speed.

NavTech 1.2 has started in full, with Alex and Craig focusing on the adding the new functionality to both the core wallet and the NavTech source itself. We are adding some interesting features to obscure metadata analysis of private payments; time delay, value rounding, multiple addresses and more. We are hoping to bundle this release with some important segwit updates for release as soon as practical. The current sprint will be the main development sprint, followed by a sprint of testing, peer review and bug fixing. We are aiming to release NavTech 1.2 and Nav Coin Core v4.0.4 at the end of following sprint once the testing is completed. After a flurry of wallet updates, we are trying to slow down rate of our wallet releases and make sure we make the effort to upgrade worthwhile and our releases thoroughly peer reviewed.

Troy Cornwall from Auckland, New Zealand joins the team as one of our new Software Engineers. He will be working with Victor on the Nav Pi 2.0 project, rebuilding the Nav Pi interface using Node & Javascript. Troy has worked with Craig, Victor and Matt in the past and is a great addition to the team.

We have also had 3 Software Engineers from our community offer to assist on our projects. With the Auckland based team focusing on Polymorph, NavPi and NavTech, they will be joining Alex to work on the Core wallet and Copay Wallets.

Expanding our Engineering Team will enable us to deliver an even higher standard of software than previously possible. We have begun implementing team wide peer review of all code committed to Nav Coin Core and NavTech. This is to both begin to educate new team members on our core products as well as providing more eyes on the source code to help find bugs and optimize our code base.

Nav Coin is in essence a community project, our team has been ever evolving as new people become involved and old members fade away. With these latest additions, we have taken some time to restructure the Nav Coin Team section to more accurately display who is currently active on the project with the inactive team members relegated to the Legacy Team section.

We currently have the strongest development and strategy teams in the history of Nav Coin and we are all looking forward to taking the project to its natural next level.

The Strategy Team has been working on a detailed FAQ to add to the Nav Coin Website. This not only will be of great help to newcomers to the coin, but will of course also be a great resource for search engine listings.

Our facebook posts continue to get a higher level of interaction as we refine our advertising strategy and continue to look at how we can extend our social reach.

We have also been reaching out to charities who work on at-risk causes which could benefit from private donations to see if we can help them integrate NavTech payments to their systems. We are persistent in our goal to prove that private payments can and should be used for socially beneficial purposes.

All projects have been updated on the roadmap.

Talk soon,
Nav Coin Team.

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