Project Progress, NavTech Upgrade and Slack AMA

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The Nav Coin Team continues to make steady progress on the feature projects of our 2017 roadmap. Navtech 1.2 is in its final testing stages as we integrate and test the Nav Coin Core update alongside the Navtech processing scripts. And the Nav Coin Team has been invited to do an AMA on the Slack channel.

We have been hard at work building extra obfuscation layers into NavTech and the Nav Coin Core wallet over the last two weeks. The development is now complete and the project has over 95% unit test coverage. We have deployed the scripts and new core to the NavTech servers for live testing to iron out any remaining integration issues between the two parts and to rigorously test them in the live environment. We are aiming to release the new wallet and re-open NavTech transactions before our Lead Developer Craig MacGregor leaves for Europe this Friday. There have been substantial changes to the code base with this new release however, and we will not release the new product until we are confident it is bulletproof. Keep an eye on our social channels for the official release date and time.

Sprint 5 for Polymorph has gone well with some major parts of the Changelly integration now built. We have extended sprint 5 until the end of the week to give some extra time on refining what has been completed this sprint. Craig and Matt also go into planning mode for the next couple of days to make sure Matt has everything he needs to continue working on Polymorph in Craig’s absence.

The Auckland team got together today to discuss the future of Nav Coin and learn a bit more about the Research and Development that has been done for our Anon Dapp Platform, Multichain Wallet and NavTech 2.0 projects. We all now have a good understanding of where we are taking projects and how to proceed. While Craig is in Europe with Alex, they will be laying out the technical framework of these projects and defining each one’s features to be written up into Whitepapers and presented back to the team and then to the public.

The NavPi boards have finally arrived, so we have all the parts we need to start to put this product together for sale. We will be training Guy on how to assemble the units, flash the SD cards with the NavPi image, test and prepare these for shipping. With Craig going to Europe for two weeks, we may not get the training completed until he gets back, but we are looking at opening pre-orders for the device on the store before then.

The marketing team have been busy creating some great new content for the website. They have just finished putting together the “Getting Started” and “FAQ” pages which are now live. We are looking to build up more useful content to help new users get educated on and interested in Nav Coin. This is a great addition to the site. We look forward to creating more interesting and useful content for our potential new users.

Our team has been invited to be the subject of an AMA on the Ark Platform’s Slack Channel. We are excited to discuss Nav Coin, NavTech, Financial Privacy and Cryptocurrencies in general with their community. We are dedicated to create collaboration rather than division between cryptocurrency projects and are grateful for the opportunity to share some knowledge with people who are wanting to learn. If you haven’t checked out the Ark Platform, make sure you do, its an interesting project.

The AMA will take place at 3PM EST on Friday 16 June 2016 in the #trading_altcoins channel. If you’re not already a member of their slack, you can join with this link:

That’s about all we have for this week. We look forward to the upcoming release of NavTech 1.2 and more information about our feature projects over the next couple of weeks as the planning sessions roll out.

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team

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