Reminder: Please Vote For The Community Fund

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With the community vote still running, we thought we would send out a friendly reminder to make sure everyone is taking part, by staking the network & voting on the fund.

We’re so close to getting this over the line with over 90% of the community voting “Yes” so far. If you’ve already voted – thank you! Be sure to keep your wallets on and in staking mode until the voting is complete.

We have, however, seen an increase in the number of non-voting stakes, which likely comes from:
1) new users in the network who don’t know of the vote, and
2) users who were voting but have stopped.

So to help move things along over the next period, we will continually use our media channels to reach out to users and remind them to update & vote.


If you’re new to Nav Coin, you can read up on our community fund project and why we are doing it here:

If you’d like to see the stats you can track the voting results here:

If you’re wanting to participate but unsure how to vote, see these video tutorials for all the info on updating Nav Coin wallet and NavPi update and casting your vote.

We want to encourage everyone to participate and have their say in our projects. Let’s keep the momentum moving!

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