Our 2018 Roadmap is Live

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Our 2018 Roadmap Is Live!

We’re excited to be releasing our 2018 roadmap with you this week. The NavCore team has been working hard to formulate a solid strategy and clear vision for NavCoin. The release of our 2018 roadmap is the first stage of sharing our wider vision. We feel this roadmap supports our ‘big picture’ mission of simplifying cryptocurrency, and forms a clear path forward for the future.

As part of this, we are hugely excited to formally introduce ‘Valence’, our blockchain application platform. This in itself is a huge project, and will feature many more projects than we’ve released in this initial roadmap which will be published throughout the year.

We anticipate that there will be a lot of questions, so we’ll be creating and publishing content to help explain our roadmapped projects in more depth. This content will be supported by the release of the Valence Technical Whitepaper in the coming weeks. Our upcoming Strategic Plan will also help shine a light on the direction we are taking. This is just the beginning.


NavPay & The iOS App Store

We’d like to address the confusion in the community that was generated by our social post yesterday in regards to NavPay, Apple and the App store.

Last December, the NavPay App was rejected from the App Store due to some minor technical feedback. We have since fixed all the technical issues Apple had with the application and those have now passed review by the App Store. There is currently only one outstanding item holding us back from being listed in the App store – that NAV needs to be added to the approved digital currency list.

We are in talks with Apple about getting NAV whitelisted. There are already quite a few digital currencies approved for iOS, so we are hopeful that this will be a speedy and relatively easy process, but we are unfortunately still at the mercy of the App Store until this approval is secured.

If we can get NAV approved for use on iOS, it means that NavPay can be listed in the store, and any iOS app will be able to use NAV in their app if they choose to adopt it. We are doing our best to make this happen! So stay tuned for our progress with NAV approval.

Until NavPay is approved in the App Store, you can still use the NavPay web wallet on iOS devices. For an optimum experience, we recommend using Chrome.


Alex Lecturing On Blockchain

Last week one of our senior developers, Alex, gave a lecture at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Alex presented to large group of students on the basics of cryptocurrencies, NavCoin, and blockchain technology. We believe education is hugely important in the cryptocurrency industry, and are excited to have team members contributing to the spread of knowledge on both Blockchain and NavCoin. Getting the next generation of developers excited by the future of blockchain is of benefit for everyone.

Team Processes & Scalability

With so many big projects in the pipeline, we’ve been spending some time working on designing and implementing scalable internal team processes. Our goal is to create robust development, build and deployment practices amongst the development teams while fostering a similarly considered approach to our marketing, administration and business strategy teams. We are in the process of engaging experts in each of these branches to review our processes, and advise us on how we can improve them to keep things running smoothly as we look to onboard more team members.

That’s it from the NavCore team this week. We hope you all enjoy sharing in our vision of where we are taking NavCoin and Valence in the coming year. Exciting times ahead!

Talk Soon,
NavCore Team.

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