New Repositories Added, PhD Interns, Website Redesign

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Another busy week at Nav Coin HQ and a rough period for alt coins as Bitcoin tests its all time high again. We’ve added a couple new repositories to our github this week.

Firstly the Nav Coin Stake Box for the Raspberry Pi:

This is the source code for the php based web interface only and is still currently a work in progress. I wouldn’t suggest using this until we release the proper image because there are other components you need to set up like the apache web server and the navcoin daemon which will be bundled into the pi image and take a bit of configuring.

Although the image is pretty close to being finished, we will probably hold it back until we have finished Nav Coin 4.0.0 and tested that on the Pi rather than releasing it with 3.9.0 and then re-releasing it a couple weeks later.

If you were on our slack or telegram you will have seen this screenshot of the web wallet:

Nav Coin Stake Box

Second new addition is the source code for Nav Coin 4.0.0:

Again this is a work in progress, so I would not advise trying to compile and run this yourself. The master branch has been updated to sync Nav Coin’s blockchain and also to have proof of stake implemented but we are still running tests to make sure it is operating correctly.

The other branch #1-navtech-rpc is the branch I’ve implemented the NAVTech RPC commands to. We’ve also added a bunch of issues to this repo which will become branches when they are picked up by one of the development team.

Both of these repo’s are still being worked on and tested, but we wanted to bring our work into the public view to show you all our progress. We will continue to work on these two over the coming week and keep you all updated when they are ready for public use.

In other news, I have made contact with Dr Alan Litchfield who works with PhD students studying blockchains at Auckland University of Technology. I am meeting with him in the coming weeks to discuss Nav Coin. I am hoping to get his PhD students interested in working with Nav Coin for their research projects which would be a big boost to our development capabilities and hopefully get some really awesome insights and ideas for Nav Coin from trained cryptographers and security experts.

David has also made some great progress with the website re-design. He has presented a his work to our marketing team today which i think is pretty close to what we want the site to look like. Everything here is progressing nicely. It is looking like March is going to be a big month for Nav Coin with a lot of features and updates being released.

All project percentages have been updated appropriately:

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Dev Team

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