NAVTech RPC implementation and Website Redesign

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The development team are busy working on the core upgrade for Nav Coin. We are close to completing the required code for NAVTech Anonymous Transactions to the new wallet. As well as the existing GUI support, we will be adding RPC support for the NAVTech transactions.

This means our RPC command “anonsend” will be able to find a NAVTech server and do all the required encryption and commit the transaction. This will be a step forward and allow developers to send NAVTech transactions more easily. This is actually a feature which is required for our Polymorph system, so we are actually achieving two goals at once. In parallel to the NAVTech code, we are also refining the Proof of Stake minting algorithms. Once we have moved past the technical requirements for these two parts of the wallet we will see a big jump in the progress indicator for the core upgrade. For now we have only moved it up marginally.

David Q has presented some basic concepts for the new website design to our marketing team. We have run a refinement session and finalized the content layout for the new site. We are happy with how this is progressing and are looking forward to seeing his 2nd round of designs based on the wireframes.

Craig has also met today with the Blockchain Association of New Zealand’s Director to discuss Nav Coin and our 2017 Roadmap. He has some interesting ideas and is reaching out to his contacts to tee up some meetings between parties he thinks may be of interest. Craig is attending a BANZ member function on the 28th of February to meet his associates and see if he can forge any new collaborations that will benefit Nav Coin.

We understand that tangible progress may seem somewhat slow from the outside. Unfortunately that is the reality when we work on some of these bigger pieces of work. We are simply not going to be able to deliver amazing news every week, but we will continue to update you on what we have achieved and publicise each big feature as it rolls off the development line.

We are also fielding a lot of questions about the big ticket items on our 2017 Roadmap and when we will commence work on those projects. To re-iterate what has already been said on the topic; we are focusing on getting our two core offerings rock solid before we scaffold out any other services or platforms on top of them. Finishing the Nav Coin core upgrade and finishing the code review and unit testing on NAVTech are our very top priorities and need to be completed before we can commence on the other tasks on our Roadmap.

We want to reassure everyone that we are still have our sights set on our big ticket items for 2017; Polymorph, NAVTech ADapps & Nav Coin Direct. Of those three, the R&D for NAVTech ADapps has already begun. When we have completed the R&D phase we will be making a public statement announcing our Anonymous Dapp platform and how we intend to run it. So keep an eye on that percentage ticker!

This is about all we have to share with you this week.

All progress bars have been updated appropriately:

Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.

– Louis L’Amour

Talk soon,

Nav Coin Team.

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