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This week the dev team have been busy refining the latest version of our private payment processor NavTech. Polymorph enters its next phase of development with transaction being created with our exchange partner Changelly. Our Digital Strategy team are working on a content series of articles, infographics and videos. And the details of our ADapp platform are just around the corner.

NavTech 1.2 is still in its refinement phase as the dev team work towards deploying a stable release as soon as practical. With our Chief Engineer Craig MacGregor travelling to Europe to work with Alex, progress has been a little slower expected. We are confident that the code base is close to its final form, with only minor adjustments needing to be made so far. We will announce the release date as soon as we are able to set it.

Polymorph has moved into its next phase of development as we are now working on creating the exchange transactions with Changelly and processing the private payments. This is the main section of work for this project, so it’s exciting to get started on it.

If you’ve been following our development channel on slack you will see all the work we are doing on a daily basis for these projects.

Our Digital Strategy team are planning and creating a series of content including articles, infographics and video content. We are please to begin generating more resources for people to use to learn about Nav Coin and why it is so great. We have also been talking to two more Digital Content Creators who we are looking to onboard to the Digital Strategy team. Over the next few weeks as these team members start to come into play to help Kieren with his wider strategy, we should see the rate of content creation start to ramp up and by proxy Nav Coin’s exposure.

The Digital Strategy team have also spent some time styling our subreddit to be on brand. If you would like to check it out and get involved with us on reddit, you can go here:

We also participated in the successful AMA on the slack channel. To read the transcript, you can visit our subreddit:

That’s all we have to report this week, we hope to have more to report next week once Alex & Craig have finished NavTech and documented what we are going to include in our ADapp platform.

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team



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