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This week the team has been working hard to get the NavPay mobile wallet ready for the upcoming beta test and preparing the supporting media releases. We are very excited to announce that we will be integrating NavTech Private Payments into the NavPay wallet.

Including NavTech Private Payments in our mobile wallet will make NavPay the world’s first mobile wallet to support anonymous transactions. All the server selection and encryption happens inside the wallet itself, with the destination address never leaving the wallet unencrypted.

Today we can share with you a sneak preview of the mobile wallet with the NavTech Private Payment option available.

The Private Payments are simple to send from the wallet, all you need to do is select the private payment option and the wallet handles the rest in the background.

We have made great progress integrating NavTech Private Payments into NavPay. We have the server selection, encryption and fee calculations working in the wallet. There are still a few parts to build and test in the front and back ends to get the transaction submission finished. We have decided to wait until NavTech is fully integrated into the wallet before releasing the beta wallet to the test group.

Keep an eye on our GitHub to see our progress, and subscribe to the weekly report to hear when we announce the release date of the beta wallet.

If you’ve been watching our GitHub you will have noticed some activity on the Polymorph repository over the last couple of days. Now that NavPay is largely built, we are able to split off some of our developers to continue working on Polymorph in parallel to NavPay.

More on that next week.

Our marketing team are busy finishing off a content series to support the latest version of NavTech – which will aim to educate new users and explain how it works in easy to understand language. This content will start to roll out in the coming week.

We’ve also been working with Google so that we can get our website approved to run banner advertising on Google Adwords. We’ve made tweaks to the website to add the required information, and are waiting for Google to get back to us with their approval (or not, if there are still more changes to be made).

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team

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