NAVTech Decentralisation Will Be Released Before Christmas

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Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th of December and streamed their feature roadmap for 2017. They announced that their anonymous send system known as NAVTech will be decentralised before Christmas.

NAVTech was re-launched by MacGregor on the 1st of November after a series of successful tests. The technology was a hit for coin, with an increase in investors and trades.

There is a demand for coins offering greater financial privacy, and Nav Coin has developed the only system that does not rely on a coin scrambler but in fact breaks the connection between the incoming and outgoing coins by using a secondary blockchain.

Currently Navtech processes transactions through a cluster of servers owned by the Nav team. The team admit that while this is very secure, is does introduce a single point of failure.

NAVTech developer Craig Macgregor says he’s ‘concerned about anonymous transactions systems in crypto running through a central server owned and operated by the coin because they are in conflict with the open source, peer to peer distributed, and decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies.’  

The decentralisation of Navtech will mark the first time any cryptocurrency has launched a decentralised anonymous transaction system using subchains. Making it Nav Coin’s 3rd world first for introducing new technology.

The Decentralisation phase which is been in extensive beta testing for the last month, will involve inviting users to set up their own server clusters to run Nav tech. Customers will then have the option to select which cluster they wish to process their anonymous transaction, including the Official NavTech cluster. Server clusters will gain trust through customers reviews which can be found on the NAVTechAnon subreddit.

For more information and to read the Whitepapers, visit our website.

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