NavTech 1.2 Beta Released, Copay Resumed, Strategy Team Additions

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The Nav Coin team have been hard at work this week completing their in house testing of NavTech 1.2 and the new Nav Coin 4.0.4 Core Wallet. The Polymorph team have closed out another sprint successfully completing four stories. We’ve resumed work on our fork of the CoPay Web & Mobile wallets. We’ve added 2 new team members to the Digital Strategy team and also had a productive Digital Strategy meeting to help shape Nav Coin’s immediate marketing direction.

NavTech 1.2 and the Nav Coin 4.0.4 Core Wallet have both passed in house testing with flying colours. With a pool size of 50,000 NAV, the server was able to accept 100,000 NAV queue the transactions and correctly process them without failure. We now move onto a private beta test with the wider team and some of our senior community members. The 4.0.4 wallet has been distributed to the beta test group today and we will kick into the first round of this group’s test schedule tomorrow.

The new NavTech system is quite a lot more complex than 1.1 with the splitting and joining of transactions, rounding transactions to factors of 10 as well as scattering them vertically through time. We are also adding encrypted data to the anon-destination field of all standard transactions from this version forward. We hope all this increases the difficulty of performing blockchain meta analysis to try to infer which transactions coming out of NavTech relate to transactions going in.

Polymorph continues to track well with the order creation being finished this sprint as well as the deposit page which you arrive at after creating your order. We have also completed some technical tasks this sprint including adding HTTPS to the server and implementing a logging class to capture any errors which occur when creating or processing orders.

The Polymorph team will now switch focus to help finish the front end of our Copay Wallet fork. We are hopeful to complete this project within the next few weeks and are pretty excited about its success. The Copay wallet is a javascript based wallet which can be run in your browser, as an Android or iOS App (if it is accepted on the Apple Store). The wallet uses a lite blockchain implementation, only reading the block headers which minimises the space required on your device. It communicates to our servers to create transactions, but it is a fully qualified wallet and you are always in control of your private keys. Even if our service goes down, you are in control of your coins and are never at risk of losing access.

We’ve had some successful Digital Strategy meetings this week with the wider team and also used them as an induction platform for our two new Digital Strategists Josh and Laura.

Josh Drummond has had a raft of experience in the corporate marketing space, specialising in copywriting and illustration. He has a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and has just come from a Marketing Manager role with the largest telecom company in New Zealand. He has helped create and curate engaging content for many of New Zealand’s leading brands and will be a great asset to the team.

Laura-Ellen Harris comes from a photography and graphic design background specialising in visual & written communications. She has a wealth of experience in branding, digital content creation and event photography. Her visual skills and eye for detail will make her an integral part of our Digital Strategy team’s upcoming campaigns.

To accommodate the growing team we’ve moved Nav Coin HQ from its current location to a shared office space in the tech startup district of downtown Auckland. So far it is going well there and we’ve been connecting with some other people in the fintech space. We hope that it will be both productive for our team and also provide great networking opportunities.

The banner competition is off to a great start and has raised more than 3,800 NAV from the community, which will go a long way in providing awareness for the Nav Coin brand. We’ve received a number of great designs, and have decided to extend the competition another week (until Wed 19th July) to get as many people involved as possible. Check out our the bitcointalk forum for more information on how to get involved and be in to win part of a bounty pool of 700 NAV if your banners get chosen.

Our marketing team has begun updating the website – which will be an ongoing process to improve the performance of the website. We are updating our content to be more user friendly & easily understandable, and implementing an email strategy that will guide new users to learn about Nav Coin and become part of the Nav Coin community.

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team

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