NavPi Shipment, Polmorph Update and Team Expansion

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It’s been a busy week as always at Nav Coin HQ. We have landed the final piece of the NavPi units so we can begin to build and ship batch 3 in the coming days. We’re steaming ahead on Polymorph and also looking to add some new developers to the Auckland team.

NavPi Batch 3

The NavPi Boards have arrived in New Zealand customs and are currently being processed. We have updated the NavPi image to version 1.0.2 which comes with the 4.0.5 version of Nav Coin Core and the blockchain synced up to the 27th of September. Tomorrow we will begin to flash the cards and by the end of the week we will be building the physical units. Shipping will commence next week and will be shipped in the order the orders were received.

Our previous shipping handler has proven to be less than perfect with a few shipments getting lost on their journey. We have opened an account with DHL and hope to provide tracking & insurance for all future shipments. We will update the store with corrected rates once we are provided these from our DHL business manager and will attempt to offer tracking for existing orders if the cost difference isn’t huge.

We only have about 35 more units available in this batch, so if you would like to get your hands on one make sure you head along to the store and pre-order.

Polymorph Update

We’ve made some great progress on polymorph this week with another three user stories completed and four bugs fixed. These issues are currently sitting in the code review pipeline and are expected to be closed tomorrow and integrated into our master branch. We’ve also setup a staging server so our Digital Strategy & Design teams can begin to look over what we’ve built and start to shape the aesthetic and user experience of Polymorph.

This sprint will consist of the last of the bug fixes and front end work while next sprint we will change gear and begin to plan and scaffold the back end which will process the incoming transactions returning from Changelly.

Growing the Team

While we are making good progress on all our major projects, we realise that we have a lot of work on for our reasonably small team and have decided to expand the Auckland team again. We have begun interviewing Senior Developers in Auckland to join the Nav Coin team on either a part time or full time basis to work with Craig & Matt at BizDojo.

We are also looking for more people to support our marketing efforts moving forward and will keep you updated as things unfold in that area.

NavTech Server Cluster Added

NavTechServers have added their own third party NavTech Server cluster which is now open for public use. You can choose to use this server by adding its IP address through the Nav Coin Core wallet’s dialog on the send page, or by adding it to your navcoin.conf file in your user data directory. The server is aimed to cater for low volume transactions but also has an extremely low fee. For more information on this cluster or any of the other NavTech clusters available for use, visit their website.

Spanish & Chinese Domain

To help grow our international community, we’re also working with our Spanish & Chinese members to build full translations of the main website. At the moment we have a single page overview for both of these languages, but are now creating full websites that will exist on their own subdomains. We are in the final process of setting this up, and once we get a final approval from the community we will aim to get at least one of these live in the next week. Having fully translated websites will greatly help us for our marketing efforts, and we will start by adding these domains into our community Adwords campaign (targeting Spanish/Chinese users).

Additional Translations

We’re releasing an Arabic translation of the website this week, which can be seen here:

This brings us to a total of 11 different languages, and we also have another 3 languages being worked on – including Russian & Korean translations.

Nav Coin Forum

We are also aware that the Nav Coin forum is proving difficult for users to log in to. We are working hard to track down the issue causing the failed logins and hope to have this all working again in the coming days. This is our main technical support channel, so we realise the urgency of getting this working again. Please bear with us as we resolve the issue.

That’s it for this week.

Talk soon,
Nav Coin Team

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