NavPay Public Beta Launched

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It’s been another busy week for the Nav Coin Team as we ready the NavPay beta for public launch, continue the migration to discord, and engage users to upgrade and vote on the Community Fund proposal.

NavPay Public Beta Launched

With the success of the NavPay private beta test this week, we have decided to steam ahead and launch the NavPay Public Beta. The NavPay wallet is a fully qualified thin client that can run on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and even online. It gives you all the latest features of NavCoin including NavTech Private Payments, making it the world’s first mobile cryptocurrency wallet capable of sending anonymous transactions.

To get your hands on a copy of the NavPay wallet and participate in the public beta test, visit our github page and read the release documentation:

Join us on Discord

We love Slack, and it has proven to be a great tool for connecting with our community, however a lot of public Slack Channels, ours included, fell victim to spam and scams. Slack is designed for small teams of trusted individuals and hence it simply doesn’t have a lot of the permission control which would be required to combat the spam.

To safeguard and provide a better experience to our community members we have moved the conversation from Slack to Discord. Discord was specifically built for large online communities and allows an unlimited number of users, unlimited message histories, and really great moderation and spam filtering features. It also includes voice chat, and soon video chat, which will make for an even more engaging community experience.

To ensure a smooth migration, we will continue to preserve our slack channel up until Friday 17th November 2017 when we will close our public channel on this platform. Be sure to tune into our Discord channels for more in depth technical support and community discussions with all the pro’s and less of the con’s.

Sign up here:

Community Fund Vote

Nav Coin is currently voting on introducing a change on the consensus rules to create a community fund using part of the staking rewards.

We’ve had an overwhelming response to the community fund with over 92% of people who have upgraded their wallets voting “Yes” so far. We are excited to learn that our core community is onboard with the vote, and are looking forward to watching the final results as we rally the remaining voters to upgrade their wallets and have their say.

There are still a large amount of people still using old versions of the Nav Coin software (around 40% of users total), which means they aren’t yet able to participate in our Community Fund poll, keeping us just under that 75% threshold (around 65% currently).

While we are maintaining our efforts to post reminders on our social channels, we are now exploring a more targeted approach by attempting to reach NavPi users, and other less active members of the community through our Nav Store database mailing lists. We want to encourage all Nav users to have their say and be able to do it with ease.

If You Still Need To Vote:

Follow these simple steps to get up to date with all the latest software and have a say over your staking rewards.

First step is to make sure you’re operating on the latest version of the Nav wallet. You can download the latest version of the wallet (v4.0.6) from the downloads page of our website. You should be presented with a popup option to choose yes or no.

If you’re a NavPi user:

For those yet to update to the newest wallet and if you’re using a NavPi to stake, we understand that the updating process can be complicated and time consuming due to the security restrictions of the device. To streamline this process we’ve released a NavPi auto-updater tool. If you are an existing NavPi user we’ve published the instructions for how to install the updater here:

If you’re wanting to setup your Raspberry Pi to stake your NAV for the first time, we have included this autoupdater in the latest NavPi image (1.0.3) which is available from our downloads page:

This update also includes a way to cast your vote for the community fund on the homepage of the NavPi so you don’t have to go and edit your navcoin.conf file manually.

See this explainer video for further support in updating and voting:

We strongly urge users to update to the latest Nav Coin wallet and NavPi interface as soon as possible. NavPi owners are a large part of our staking community and we want you to have your say in the Nav Coin Community Fund vote as well as garner from the latest Nav Coin features.

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