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With NavTech 1.2 successfully launched last week, the Nav Coin Team’s sights have been set on finishing our next project the NavPay Mobile & Web Wallet.

NavPay is Nav Coin’s fork of the CoPay Bitcoin wallet released by BitPay. NavPay is a fully qualified HD wallet which runs on a light blockchain allowing it to operate instantly with minimal storage requirements while retaining all the security of a full node. NavPay uses our full node server to commit transactions, but generates and stores your private keys on your device, never broadcasting any sensitive data to our server.

NavPay can operate as a Desktop or Mobile Application and even as a Web Wallet, replacing our Electrum Wallet and existing mobile offerings.

Development on the NavPay wallet is nearly finished. We are aiming to open NavPay Beta next week to a test group of users. Today we are releasing a few screenshots of NavPay so you can see how awesome it looks.

There will be more information on the NavPay wallet next week as we launch NavPay Beta and we hope to have a special feature confirmed for the wallet before the Beta Launch.

The NavPay project has been updated on the roadmap.

Marketing Update

Through our connections at the Auckland working space, we have organised a branding workshop with an internationally renown brand strategist, who has in the past led marketing strategy for brands such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Microsoft, and Vodafone. This will be a hugely valuable process, and help us craft a brand story that will help us stand out amongst the countless competitors.

We have completed our set up of the Google Adwords account for the community banner competition, but have unfortunately run into a roadblock. The website was flagged by an automated robot as being in the financial services industry, which has certain requirements to be able to run on the Google Display Network.

We have contacted Google to be manually approved, and are waiting for a response. We have seen other crypto’s running banners using Google, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But we would expect this to take at least a few more days to be resolved, and we will be sure to update you in the next report.

We also have a new translation page that has been completed – for our Romanian friends. You can see this page here:

In the last report, we asked the community to let us know about any connections or opportunities for marketing, and have received a number of marketing opportunities which we will continue to develop over the next period.

That’s it from us this week.

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team

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