NavPay Private Beta Launched

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It’s been an eventful week for both the Nav Coin Team and Community with some big achievements made on our major projects. During this week’s AMA on Discord the team announced the Nav Pay Beta will start today and revealed some exciting information about the upcoming Anonymous DApp platform dubbed “Nav Chain”.

Nav Pay Beta Launched

Today we are launching the beta version of our NavPay wallet family. The NavPay wallet is a fully qualified thin client that can run on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and even online. It gives you all the latest features of NavCoin including NavTech Private Payments, making it the world’s first mobile cryptocurrency wallet capable of sending anonymous transactions.

The beta test will be run in two stages with an initial group of 20 participants who will thoroughly test the wallets capabilities on the a range of platforms and devices. After this initial test group have logged any issues and the development team has deployed the relevant fixes, we will be opening the public beta. The reason why we’re doing it in stages is purely logistical. Resolving any remaining issues within a smaller group makes it easier for us to manage feedback rather than potentially being inundated with duplicate tickets from thousands of users.

That said, we’ve done a lot of internal testing already and any issues which do remain are likely to be small and device specific. We are expecting to move out of the closed beta within a week if everything goes as smoothly as expected.

Here’s a quick preview of NavPay in action making a NavTech Transaction.

If you want to be notified as soon as the public beta is released please sign up to our mailing list here:

AMA Recap

We had a very successful AMA on Monday, with 6 team members hanging around for an hour and a half, answering questions from the community.

For those who weren’t able to make it, here’s a selection of questions & answers from the AMA:

Now adapps planning is complete when might we expect the release of the white paper?

We have finished the planning stage of the Adapp platform and are really happy with the feature set we have designed. We have added a roadmap task to begin work on the “Nav Chain” prototype which is the working title for our Adapp platform. We have largely finished the whitepaper but it is with our technical writers and design team right now to do the finishing touches. We also want to create some other supporting documents and content to support its release.

When might we see navtech 2.0 end of year 2018? Or sooner?

NavTech 2.0 will be built as an ADapp on the Nav Chain platform, so it depends how quickly we can get that running. We are hoping to build it as part of the prototype network so it will be ready faster than the main public platform

Can you share what could be one of the first proposals the dev team would make for use of the community fund?

We will be looking to create proposals around our roadmap projects. So we can create a proposal for building Cold Staking implementation for example, or finishing Polymorph and use the community fund to sponsor these projects. Beyond that, the fund system will be open to the public to submit proposals also, so it’s really up to what the community wants to get involved in building.

All navpi are sold out is what is done about it? Or sales points could be set up in the countries offered for faster processing.

We are looking to release a new batch of NavPi in 2-4 weeks. We have a few logistical creases to iron out before we launch the next batch and are working towards a more streamlined service for the sales of our NavPi. In terms of sales points, it’s a bit of a trust issue. If we were to setup a sales point in say, Europe, we have to trust that the shipper isn’t tampering with the software/hardware of the NavPis before shipping them out to people. Until we’ve figured out a way to solve that issue we will continue to ship from our office here in NZ

Feel free to check out a summary of the AMA on the NavTechServers website here:

And as a reminder, we’ve started migrating from using Slack to Discord – primarily because of the better safeguards around spam, which is a huge problem for a significant number of Slack channels in crypto at the moment (and has led to people losing money).

So come join us!

Community Vote Update

The Community Vote has entered its third voting period and is going well so far with over 92% of people who have upgraded voting “Yes” to the community fund.

However, there is still a significant number of people using old versions of the Nav Coin software, which means they aren’t eligible to have their say on the Community Fund.

If you haven’t upgraded – we would recommend reading the following update instructions from Reddit, and make sure to ask any questions if you get stuck (on our technical forum/Reddit/Discord/Telegram).

Adwords Update

Our Adwords account has been running the community banners since September, and it’s been consistently performing quite well. Our banners have been seen over 1,000,000 times, and we’ve had 20,000 clicks to the Nav Coin website as a result of it.

Banners are famous for receiving quite low click through rates (generally around 0.1 – 0.4% on average), so it’s encouraging to see such high engagement even after running for 2 months.

We’re paying a very low cost per click of $0.02 (per visit to the website) – so have spent a total of $461 so far – meaning we still have a significant amount of budget to spend in the coming months.

That’s all for this week.

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