NavPay Beta Continues, NavChain Prototype & Team Productivity Tooling

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This week – an update on the NavPay beta, the building of the NavChain prototype, a new NavPi batch and the release of the German Nav Coin website.

NavPay Public Beta Continues

Beta testing and bug fixing continues with only one bug left to fix on mobile safari and some minor enhancements yet to be implemented. We have successfully built and tested the iOS version of the app and have been busy preparing all the assets and and registrations required to submit the app to the Apple Store. We are not yet able to confirm the release date of the full public version of NavPay since some of it relies on App Store approval, but we are hoping to have all the development features finished at the end of this coming sprint.

A new version (1.0.4b) of the Beta will be distributed to the private test group today. To check out the public beta (1.0.2b), you can download it from our GitHub here:

NavChain Prototype

While the main features of NavChain (a working title) have been captured in the whitepaper which is undergoing internal review and feedback, we are also working towards creating a prototype of the NavChain daemon and network, to confirm what we have planned is feasible. Craig is travelling to Berlin once again to work closely with Alex in developing the prototype. They will spend 2 weeks before Christmas building the prototype and further refining the idea from the learnings made. More on this as the project unfolds.

Team Productivity Tooling

With more people contributing to navcoin, the navcoin core developers have focused on implementing some great productivity tools this week to lay the foundation for the team’s further expansion. If you follow us on GitHub or watch the Github Discord Channel, you will have noticed a user called “NavTrello” beginning to create, comment and close issues.

NavPi Batch 4

We have all the components for the next batch of NavPi arrived at the offices this week. We are working towards some UI improvements and a better way for users to clear out their orphaned stakes on the NavPi before we begin flashing the cards and put them on the store for sale. We have scheduled the NavPi improvements for this coming development sprint, so we are hoping to be in a position to release a batch of these to the public in early december.

Checkout the NavPi here and bookmark it for when it goes on sale:

Community Fund Voting

We released a little update about the Community Fund Vote earlier this week. With a huge amount of support from those wallets which have updated to vote, we have extended the voting period for another 2 months. The wallet currently says in the UI that the vote has ended, but please ignore that message, your wallet will continue to cast votes.

We are currently sitting at around 70% Yes in total, with over 90% of those casting votes voting Yes. We are only a few percentage points away from passing the vote, so keep the votes coming. If you haven’t yet cast your vote, there is still time to get involved, please download the latest version of the wallet v4.0.6 and set your vote in your navcoin.conf file (votefunding=1 or votefunding=0).

Alex has been hard at work building the community funding system, not just altering the stake rewards, but actually building the smart contract system which can be used by anyone to submit proposals and vote on the release of funds. We are aiming to release this onto the test net at our next minor version v4.1.0 and if the test is successful and the vote to implement the fund passes, deploy it onto the main network in version v4.1.1.

This community funding system will of course help the development team to sustain their efforts, but the main thing we are excited about is enabling the wider community to get involved and get paid adding value to the Nav Coin ecosystem of products and services.

Network Issues

We have had numerous periods over the last week when the block difficulty has been erratic causing slow block confirmation and transaction delays. After performing a lot of analysis and debugging on the blockchain and daemon around the time of these incidents we are confident that there is no malicious behaviour happening and this issue is arising from old versions of the core wallet attempting to mint blocks on the network.

If you’re staking your coins check your wallet version and please update to the latest v4.0.6.

If you’re not staking your coins, it will help network stability if you get your coins off the exchange or your thin clients and stake them in the Nav Coin Core v4.0.6 wallet or on an up to date NavPi.

We will be implementing a fix to help with this stability in the next minor version of Nav Coin Core and if this issue continues we will release a patch that will block these troublesome old nodes from connecting to the network.

Nav Coin German Language Site

Our mission to connect with communities all around the world continues this week as we launch a full German translation of the Nav Coin website. You can check it out here:

That’s all for this week – talk soon!

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