Nav Pi Update, Polymorph & NZD Pair Added

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This week we have received some of the parts for the next batch of Nav Pi, made lots of progress on the Polymorph project and had an NZD pair added on the exchange.

Nav Pi Update

The Nav Pi Batch 3 Cases & SD Cards have arrived in Auckland and the Raspberry Pi Boards are with freight forwarding in China and about to start their journey to New Zealand. Our supplier has advised that the boards should arrive by early next week meaning we should be able to begin shipping next week also. Pre-Orders for the Nav Pi Batch 3 have been off to a strong start with 40 out of 100 units sold within the last week. If you want to pre-order yours, pop along to the Nav Coin Store and pick one up. You can even purchase one with Nav Coin & other Cryptocurrencies.

There are 3 colours to choose from (black, white & transparent). All units come with the latest version of the NavPi software pre-installed on it.

As well as being an easy way to earn Proof of Stake rewards with your Nav Coins, these perform a valuable service to our network by providing additional full nodes sharing the blockchain and validating transactions.


There has been lots of progress on the Polymorph project this week closing off 5 major stories which conclude the bulk of the front end functionality. With the front end now largely built, we are now working on minor refinements and improvements while we start to plan the next steps of the project. From here, we will begin work on the scripts that run on the server side to process the converted NAV after being sent from Changelly and create the NavTech transaction to push the value through the Subchain.

Along with the Polymorph scripts themselves, we are required to build new functionality into NavTech & NavCoin Core and the Subchain to make these transactions possible. You will start to see polymorph related issues being raised on each of these repositories as we scaffold out the work that needs to be done.

To keep an eye on this project and follow our progress, you can watch the GitHub stream channel on our Slack, or follow it on GitHub directly.

NZDT pair on Cryptopia

Cryptopia have added a NAV/NZDT pair on their exchange. This comes as welcome news to all New Zealanders who are interested in Nav Coin. It’s an important pairing as most of the Nav Coin team operate out of Auckland. This brings access to NAV directly to the team’s local community.

Cryptopia allows NZD to be bank transferred to their accounts and credited as NZDT on the exchange. Users can then directly purchase NAV with NZDT from the exchange without having to first convert to USD or BTC. The trade volume is just starting out but it is something we’re looking to foster in our local community.

NavPay Beta

We have been experiencing some issues with the NavPay wallet not being able to correctly generate scriptSig of the input to transactions we are creating from the wallet. It’s a been a complicated task to debug this issue and start to track down the cause. There are about 6 different code repositories which work together to make the CoPay wallet work so we are doing our best to figure out why this has stopped working as it was previously sending transactions without issue. Until we can get the scriptSig generating correctly, we are unfortunately unable to begin the beta test for the NavPay wallet with NavTech Private Payments. It is a top priority for us to keep this project moving forward and we will keep you updated with our progress and informed about when the beta will begin. If you want to sign up to the beta test, please join our mailing list.

Wikipedia Page

The community have been working towards publishing a page for Nav Coin on Wikipedia. The draft has been written and has been submitted for approval. The community has done a great job writing this article and pulling together all the sources necessary to get the submission approved. Our marketing team has to look at what they can add to the page or how they can improve the content the community has written.

That’s all we have to share this week.

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team.

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