Nav Pi Orders Open, Banner Competition Voting, Mobile Wallet Progress

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This week we are opening the pre-orders of our Nav Pi units on the Nav Coin store. Our Engineering Team is edging towards the release candidate of our Web & Mobile Wallet. The Community have been successfully Beta Testing NavTech 1.2 and the Nav Coin Core 4.0.4 Wallet. The Strategy Team has been running banner creation competition and is releasing a voting page to let the community decide which banners we run as well as preparing content for the upcoming Core & NavTech releases.

The NavPi is now available for order on the Nav Coin Store. The NavPi is a low power Nav Coin staking unit with an in built web based interface to manage your Nav Coin stake rewards. Unlike proof of work coins which require expensive hardware and consume lots of electricity, Nav Coin is able to be mined with inexpensive hardware that only consumes 5 volts of electricity. The proof of stake system that Nav Coin implements bases your rewards on your NAV balance rather than your computing power, so you can easily earn mining rewards. With the NavPi, you no longer need to have your computer or laptop turned on and in staking mode to receive rewards, it can all be run on the NavPi so you can sleep easy knowing that your NAV are earning rewards 24 hours a day.

The NavPi comes in two variants; a white or transparent case. The hardware on both is the same; Raspberry Pi 3, 8GB SD card preinstalled with the NavPi 1.0.1 software. You will need to purchase your own power adapter, but it simply uses a 5v micro USB adapter; the same as most phone chargers. All you need to do is plug the unit into power, hook it up to your network and send it some coins to start earning rewards.

We are running a promotion offering 20% off the regular price for the first week so place your orders today:

We will begin shipping the units from Monday 24 July 2017. Units can be ordered with NAV or through PayPal. We will be adding more payment options (BTC, ETH, LTC etc..) in the coming weeks.

We have spent some time rebuilding the NavPi image and will be releasing version 1.0.1 of the image when we begin shipping next week. Version 1.0.1 is an update of the original 1.0.0 software and includes some extra security hardening and performance refinements. If you already have a Raspberry Pi that you want to use for staking NAV, you will be able to download this new image and flash it to your own SD card next week. The full rebuild of the software in Node JS & Angular 2 is still in progress and scheduled for release as version 2.0.0 later this year.

To check out the latest updates on the software and our guide on how to secure your NavPi once you receive it or flash your own visit:

Our community banner competition has come to an end – we’ve had 21 banner entries, and raised a total of 3,808 NAV, which is the equivalent of US$1,087 at the time this was posted. Which is a great result! This will go a long way to promote the Nav Coin brand.

We’ve created a page with all the banners, and a tool that will allow you to vote for your favourite. We’ll also link to it in the main menu of the website for the next few days, just to make it easy to find.

We’ll give the community a few days to vote (until the 21st July), and then will announce the 2 winners. From there we will look to set up the Google Adwords account and get the banners running – we’ll announce more information once the winners have been picked.

The marketing team are also gearing up for the NavTech release – by creating content that will help new users understand what NavTech is, and what upgrades are being made. The goal will be to share this content on websites & forums to attract new users to Nav Coin.

The Engineering Team have been working on the NavPay Mobile & Web Wallet. The wallet itself is really shaping up with its Nav Coin branded skin looking great and we have generated our first NAV wallets with the new source code. We are working towards releasing this in the next few weeks and look forward to adding it to our ecosystem of software. The NavPay wallet is based on BitPay’s CoPay wallet and is a full JavaScript implementation of the NavCoin software. With this wallet you will be able to send and receive NAV using your mobile phone or web browser. We will be looking to release the software so you can run it on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android or iOS device. The iOS release will be subject to approval by the Apple App Store.

To see our progress on NavPay visit:

For more information on the CoPay software which it’s based on visit:

While the Engineering team have been making progress on our various development projects it has freed our Chief Engineer Craig MacGregor to continue working on the draft white papers for the upcoming Anonymous Dapp platform. Most of the research for the platform was finalised on Craig’s trip to Berlin with Alex and now it is simply a matter of formalizing it into a series of documents for public consumption.

The Nav Coin Team have also been settling into their new office space in Auckland’s tech startup shared space GridAKL. We are finding the space to be productive and great for hosting meetings & planning sessions with the wider team. There are other blockchain based startups operating out of the space and we look forward to the opportunities being part of this community will offer.

All projects have been updated in the project roadmap.

Talk soon,

Nav Coin Team.


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