Nav Coin’s Q1 Software Launch

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NavCoin continues to earn its place in the market as the currency goes from strength to strength. The NavCoin Core Developers round out Q1 with a bundle of great software releases, a fresh new look and a strong project roadmap filled with premium projects.

NavCoin Core 4.0.0

This is the big ticket item for the Q1 releases.

NavCoin Core 4.0.0 is a complete wallet rebuild that has been forked from Bitcoin 0.13. It has modernised NavCoin’s core with lots of new features, and provides a great base for the Nav Coin Development Team to continue with the 2017 Roadmap.

The upgrade gives NavCoin Core all the latest API commands which Bitcoin implements. This makes it compatible with more software and services than ever before. This includes the API’s necessary for Nav Coin to start their Copay fork which will end with a beautiful set of Mobile and Web Wallets that are also capable of sending NAVTech Private Payments.

The new wallet focuses on simplicity. A lot of the complicated, unnecessary features have been removed and it has been streamlined with an installer. There is also now a graphical way to set up & manage the NAVTech server list which was previously managed through the configuration file.

The Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 wallet will be available for download on the 31st of March from the Nav Coin website:

Key updates

  • First Bitcoin 0.13-based fork with POS consensus algorithm.
  • Faster and more robust syncing between nodes.
  • Multi-signature addresses.
  • New GUI with cleaner design.
  • Easier Tor integration.


Nav Coin have developed the NavPi — a Raspberry Pi that runs the latest version of Nav Coin Core.

The Raspberry Pi is an energy efficient and convenient way to earn your Proof of Stake rewards without having your laptop or desktop constantly on. You plug it in, send it your coins, and it participates in block validation 24 hours a day — while only using minuscule amounts of power.

Mining Nav Coin has never been simpler or more cost effective.

It comes with a web interface which can be accessed from your network, and will allow you to send & receive NAV, encrypt your wallet, and stake coins — all the functionality you get from a full node wallet.

You can even send NAVTech private payments directly from the NavPi!

Here’s why this is a great way to grow your NAV investment:

  • It’s always on and cheap to run
  • Includes the latest version of Nav Coin 4.0.0 — which has been updated with all the latest features in Bitcoin 0.13.

The NavPi image will be available for download on the 31st of March from the Nav Coin website:

NAVTech 1.1

NAVTech is Nav Coin’s private payment platform which is decentralised, open source and completely anonymous. Transactions are encrypted and broadcast over our secondary blockchain called the Subchain — which provides full anonymity.

Since NAVTech was decentralised in December, the Development Team have been refining the code and increasing test coverage. This updated software has been tested and deployed on the official NAVTech servers and will be distributed to the public on the 31st of March.

These improvements pave the way for Nav Coin’s ultimate goal of combining the Nav Coin & Subchain blockchains along with the NAVTech processing scripts into the Multi-chain NAVTech Wallet as seen on the project roadmap.

When this Multi-Chain NAVTech Wallet is completed later this year, running a NAVTech node will be as easy as checking a box inside your Nav Coin wallet and you will be able to earn extra rewards for participating in the Private Payment Network.

Website Redesign

Nav Coin have also released a new version of the Nav Coin website today.

The main changes have been updating the visuals, and tidying the content to be more user friendly & easier to understand.

There is still a long list of refinements, which will be rolled out over the coming months — including new content, how-to guides, and more regular posts from the team. But this relaunch will help give the brand momentum to move forward with.

A standout new feature of the website is the addition of instant Credit Card purchasing of NAV using Changelly’s Instant Exchange Service.

Check it out at


It’s been a busy few months for the NavCoin Core Developers, but their hard work is paying off.

To make sure you stay in the loop, by getting involved in the Nav Coin community channels (Slack and Telegram), and follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

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