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On wednesday the 21st of December Nav Coin decentralised their anonymous send technology named NAVTech after announcing the release date at their end of year conference last week.

NAVTech is currently the world’s only decentralised anonymous transaction system. Nav Coin is known for being on the cutting edge of technology; their unique anonymous send system innovatively uses a subchain to break the link between sender and receiver.

Now that NAVTech has been decentralised users of the technology are invited to create their own cluster of servers to process anonymous transactions for Nav coin. Those servers will be added to optional list servers clusters that the Nav customer can use. Trust for the independent servers will be built on user reviews, and the official Nav tech server cluster will still be an option. Owners of server clusters will generate income with a small transaction fee.

Prior to the decentralisation release NAVTech processed transactions through a cluster of servers owned by the Nav team. While that system was very secure, the team was concerned that it introduced a single point of failure.

NAVTech developer Craig Macgregor says he was ‘concerned about the anonymous transactions system running through central servers owned and operated by the Nav Coin Development Team because it was in conflict with the open source, peer to peer distributed, and decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies.’

The team are excited to offer their customers secure anonymous technology that has no single point of failure and can be built and owned by their users.

In preparation for Decentralisation, Nav Coin re released their anonymous transaction sending system in September. The new system was built in Node JS and had superior architecture as well as increased security features.

To learn more about Nav coin and to run NAVTech on your own server cluster visit their website or github account

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