Nav Coin 4.0.4 & NavPi Updates, Banner Competition Winners

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This week marks the culmination of months of work for the Nav Coin Team. We have finalized version 4.0.4 of the Nav Coin Core Client and version 1.0.1 of the NavPi software. Our Marketing team has drawn the winners of the Banner Competition. We have shipped our first pre-built NavPi units to our customers and we’re still making gains on our other projects.

Nav Coin Core Update 4.0.4

Nav Coin Core Version 4.0.4 is now available from the downloads page of the Nav Coin website. This is an important update which includes all the updates necessary to be compatible with NavTech 1.2. Updating to this version is mandatory due to the major changes to how NavTech works, version 4.0.3 and older will not be able to send NavTech transactions through our Private Payment Platform when it’s relaunched next week. We have added encrypted data to every transaction which is sent making them indistinguishable from NavTech private payments. We have also made some UI improvements, added fiat calculations into the sending screen, made some fixes to the blockchain syncing and staking methods which should see a more stable sync for everyone.

Please download the latest version for your operating system from the website now:

NavPi 1.0.1 Update & Shipping

NavPi Version 1.0.1 is now available from the downloads page of the Nav Coin website. This is the software which the pre-built NavPi’s are shipping with from our store. This version still uses the same UI which was in 1.0.0 but the image has been rebuilt from the ground up with extra security features. We have disabled SSH access, added a stricter firewall, enabled HTTPS connection to the device and also improved the performance by trimming out some minor unnecessary features. We have written up some extra instructions for how you can make your device even more secure which can be found on the github readme:

We urge everyone to undertake these steps, we have to ship the device with default settings like passwords so you are able to access them. With crypto hacks becoming more prevalent, leaving the published default settings on the device it makes it an easy target for hackers. You should always encrypt your wallet, lock the device to the IP address of your computer, change the linux password and regenerate the SSL keys for a secure connection.

The image is available for direct download from and will be up as a torrent in the next few days.

We have begun shipping the pre-built NavPi units this week with the first batch in the post today. The response to the launch of the NavPi has been amazing, we have already sold nearly three quarters of our store stock. We are aiming get through the backlog of orders over the next few days. You will receive an order update email when your item has been shipped. So hold tight and rest assured that they are one the way.

Community Banner Competition

The voting for the banner competition came to an end and we have our winners! Congratulations to veryinfamous who came in first place and arthurrimbaud who came in second. We’ve contacted the winners, and will soon start setting up the Adwords campaign. We have around 3,000 NAV to spend in Adwords which should keep it running for a decent length of time. If you have any questions as to how this will run then join us on Slack/Telegram or feel free to message the team directly. You can see the winning banners here:

Website Translations

In order to grow the international following for Nav Coin, we’re creating specific pages for key languages that will sit on the website. These translated pages will help explain the benefits of Nav Coin, and why they should invest and get involved. We have a Spanish, German, and Japanese translations already lined up, and are looking for assistance from the community for other languages such as:

  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Hindi
  • French

But we are open to other languages as well. We are offering a small bounty for anyone who takes part, so contact us at if you would like to help out.

NavPay Wallet

The Development team are making great progress on the NavPay wallet and are working towards getting the software to build as mobile applications. We will have more to report on this next week as we edge towards a release candidate version.

Android Wallet

We have had some issues with our Electrum server being out of service this week which interrupted the connection of the Nav Coin Android Wallet. This issue is now resolved and anyone using the Nav Coin Android app should have their service resumed. The Nav Coin Android Wallet is a legacy piece of software and is no longer strictly supported by us. We advise anyone using it to switch over to the Coinomi wallet until we release our NavPi wallet suite in the near future.

All projects have been updated on the roadmap:

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team


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