Nav Coin Added To UQuid Debit Card, Project Progress

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Nav Coin has been added to the UQuid cryptocurrency debit card platform. You are now able to load your UQuid debit card with NAV which gets converted into USD, EUR or GBP. They have a range of options including physical or digital cards. UQuid requires no identification on sign up, so you can spend your private NAV privately. Check out their service and get a card so you can spend you NAV in any store that accepts Visa.

Nav Coin has been re-enabled on so you can now purchase NAV again with Credit card through their platform. To purchase NAV, visit:

This week the team has made great progress on NavTech 1.2 with the goal of releasing the new version next week well within reach. Polymorph continues to gather momentum as begin on the more challenging back end work. The planning of the interrelated subchain platform, multi-chain wallet and navtech 2.0 is well underway.

The changes necessary to Nav Coin core for the NavTech 1.2 release have entered their testing phase, while the NavTech server update itself is about 80% completed. We are looking to move it into testing before the weekend to identify and iron out any unknowns. We have added some really great new features in NavTech 1.2 including;

  • Adding encrypted data to all NAV transactions to make it impossible to tell which are private or which are regular sends.
  • The new Nav Coin Core will split NavTech transactions in the wallet before sending them through NavTech in a random number of fragments.
  • The transaction fragments will be joined back together inside NavTech, then split into factors of 10 to create lots of identical transactions on the network.
  • We have also added a small time delay which will scatter the transactions across multiple blocks as they are output from NavTech.

All of this will greatly will improve NavTech’s defence against blockchain based metadata inference. Beyond this, we are also going to implement dummy SUB and NAV transactions between the servers to create additional blockchain traffic to obscure transactions when the system is under lower volumes. The dummy transactions will be implemented in a back end only update to NavTech after the new Nav Coin Core and NavTech 1.2 has been released.

Sprint 4 of Polymorph closed with 16 story points achieved, matching our average velocity. We have built the first integration with’s API and have successfully plugged their list of exchangeable coins into Polymorph’s front end. Sprint 5 will be largely focused on validating the user input data and retrieving expected transaction times and fees to display. We will also be attempting to gain some ground on the planning tasks so we can queue up the next few weeks worth of work.

Craig is preparing to make a trip to Germany to work in person with Alex on the Subchain Platform, Multi-chain Wallet and NavTech 2.0 whitepapers. All three of these projects are interrelated and need to be planned in parallel. They have been making good progress while working together half a world apart with a lot of the core concepts understood. But the time has come to sit down in person and really figure out how all the nuts and bolts are going to fit together. Craig flies out next Friday and will be spending the better part of 2 weeks in Berlin refining these projects with Alex.

We hope to have more news about these three big projects of ours after this planning session has taken place.

We have so far received the SD Cards and cases for the NavPi’s, but the actual Raspberry Pi boards are still stuck in New Zealand Customs unfortunately. We are hopeful that they will come through in the next couple of days, we have filled in all the appropriate paperwork and are awaiting their release. They will be available for pre-order when get the units in the door.

The Forum, Paper Wallet and Nav Coin Store have all been moved to the new web host and we hope you have all noticed the improvement in service on all of these sites. The current nav coin wiki has been defaced by a user who decided to edit all of our articles. So, we are installing a fresh wiki on to the new web host and we will unfortunately have to lock it down to approved editors only. We were hoping that it could remain open so that any community member could contribute, but it looks like we are unable to proceed in this spirit. If you’re interested in being an editor for our new wiki, please contact someone on the team.

All projects progress on the Nav Coin Project Roadmap has been appropriately updated.

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team

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