Nav Coin 4.0.0, Website Redesign and Anon Dapps

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We are steadily making forward progress on our various projects.

As has been reported in our slack channel our first 4.0.0 wallet version has been spotted connecting to the network. We have successfully got the new core to connect to the Nav Coin blockchain, sync from the beginning and successfully send and receive coins. Alex is currently working on the proof of stake implementation while I am working on integrating the Navtech system into the new wallet.

I have had more productive planning sessions with Mark & David. We now have a clear direction and brief for the website and David is working on some initial designs this week. I look forward to seeing what he creates for us, i have confidence in him and our plan for the site.

I have continued my R&D into Anon Dapps. Firstly i have been working with Ethereum’s smart contract platform to understand how we can improve it from a privacy perspective. However, mid week my focus switched to implementing Navtech in the new core so we can get the 4.0.0 wallet published as soon as possible.

That’s about it for this week, steady progress wins the race.

All project percentages have been updated accordingly:

Talk soon,

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