Knowledge Base to Replace Support Forum, New Team Member Hired

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This week we’ve closed the support forum in favour of a knowledge base system, hired the latest addition to the engineering team and we continue to work as hard as ever to publish the content series of explainers about Valence and NavCoin’s new roadmap.

Knowledge Base Replacing Our Technical Forum

As announced on Twitter earlier today, we have shut down the technical support forum in favour of the new NavCoin Knowledge Base which will be opening soon. The forum doesn’t present answers in a way that’s easy for new users to find – the solution is often buried deep in a topic. This has lead to the same questions needing to be answered many times by our helpful moderators and we want to put their time to better use.

So our solution is the NavCoin Knowledge Base – this will serve as the main place to go if you have any technical issues, and will have guides to help you fix them without needing to wait for someone to reply to your post.

We surveyed the moderators to find a list of the most common questions and problems they deal with. From this, we’ve seeded some articles, guides and FAQ’s which we hope will allow NavCoin users to quickly find the solution they’re looking for. We also hope it will free up our team/moderators to focus on writing articles on issues that don’t have solutions already.

The knowledge base is a work in progress. We’ve got a few key articles already written and over the coming months will be adding in more content. If you can’t find the help you need here, then head over to the support channels on Discord.

We’ll be pushing the knowledge base live early next week, and will be sure to let everyone know that it’s live through our social channels.

New Team Member & Onboarding

We have a lot of game changing projects planned for NavCoin and we are getting busy building the team we need to make our roadmap a reality. In the immediate future we are expanding the development team by three software engineers who will work initially on NavPi Kowhai, NavMorph and NavChange as well as contributing to NavCoin Core and collaborating cross border with the other projects we have going. We are in talks with the people we want to fill these roles and have already signed on the first engineer.

Mike Delucchi joins us as our newest Senior Software Engineer. He has over 17 years development experience and has delivered full stack solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. Mike’s most recent role as the Lead Application Engineer at Nike Digital is a good indicator of his skill level as both an engineer and team leader. He’s excited about blockchain technology and we’re glad to have him joining the team so we can foster and develop his skills in this area.

Expanding the team will be a process that takes some time to unfold. We want to make sure we hire the right people and are able to give them the support they need as they learn about NavCoin and Blockchain so they can be effective contributors to the project. We are working on it and we will keep you informed about new additions to both our engineering and marketing departments as they are able to be confirmed.

Content Series Continues

Last week we released the first article in our content series about Valence. The goal of this series is to explain our motivation behind Valence, what it is, how it enhances NavCoin, and why we’re so excited about it. You can read this article here:

The next article in the series will explain more about our roadmap of advanced features for NavCoin and how Valence makes them possible. Valence is kind of like NavCoin’s super power, providing the heavy lifting for these advanced features and many more like them.

There’s a lot of information to unpack and it will take some time for us to communicate it all properly so please bear with us as we work on the content. Rest assured that the whole reason why we are building Valence is to propel NavCoin forward as world’s most usable cryptocurrency.

Productivity Tooling

As we start to expand the team here in Auckland, we are also working towards working smarter instead of harder. An important part of this is implementing tools which help our software engineers easily collaborate across the range of projects we have in progress. This week we successfully made the NavCoin Core development environment replicable, therefore reducing the effort it takes for both our current and future staff to contribute. If you follow our source code, you will see an increase in GitHub activity on the NavCoin Core repository by all our engineers as they start to work on scheduled features.

Talk Soon,
NavCoin Team

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