Kickstart 2018, NavPi Back In Stock and Electrum Export to NavPay

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The NavCoin Core developers have come back from their break feeling rested and energetic! After a fairly hectic end of year period, having some time to unplug and relax has allowed them to recharge their batteries and get ready for the big year ahead.

Kickstart 2018

With the NavCoin Core developers initial planning well underway, they are currently putting together their development roadmap for 2018. Polymorph, ADapps and NavPi 2.0 are just the start of what’s to come. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the 2018 roadmap at the next weekly update to see what is in store this year from NavCoin’s Core developers.

NavPi Back in Stock

Now that the NavCoin Store manager is back in the office another batch of NavPi is being released. The NavPi are Raspberry Pi devices with NavCoin staking software already installed. With these you can contribute to validating NAV transactions 24 hours a day without needing to have your laptop or computer running all the time. NavCoin uses Proof of Stake mining which consumes very little electricity, so you can help maintain the NavCoin network for just cents a day.

This batch will be limited to 60 NavPi, so make sure you get in quick if you want to get your hands on one:

If you already own a Raspberry Pi, we also have the image available for download on our website:

Electrum Export to NavPay

After the NavCoin hard fork implemented in December an unexpected side effect was that the NavCoin Electrum wallet was unable to sign transactions. Now that the new thin client NavPay is available the NavCoin Core developers are no longer supporting the NavCoin Electrum wallet. With the combination of the hardfork signature issue and the recently reported security vulnerabilities in Bitcoin Electrum, the NavCoin Core developers urge all NavCoin Electrum users to follow the guide below and move their funds to NavPay.

The NavCoin Core developers have built a new version of the NavPay wallet with a private key sweep function compatible with NavCoin Electrum private keys. The latest version can be found here:

Community Fund Testnet

The Community Fund has passed its network vote late last year and is due to be implemented once the NavCoin Core developers have finalized the proposal system. Before we release the fund to the mainnet the functionality needs to be thoroughly tested on the testnet. Alex has put together a document on how to receive testnet coins, create proposals, vote and receive funds. If you are willing and able to get involved in helping test the community fund system, please have a look at the instructions and try it.

In its current format it is all managed through RPC commands. Once the NavCoin Core developers are happy the basic implementation is working flawlessly, they will create an in-wallet UI for browsing and voting on proposals as well as providing proposal submission guidelines.

Please attempt to break the fund mechanism so the NavCoin Core developers can implement any patches to the system before we deploy it to the mainnet. There will be a bounty program to encourage testers to find and help us resolve any flaws.

For more information on the community fund visit:

News From The Community

The NavCoin Core team have now set up an Instagram account. The plan is to put out images from the Encrypt S Auckland office to give you a behind the scenes look at the day to day activities of some of the NavCoin Core contributors. There aren’t many images on there yet, but Laura has assured us that her Instagram game is strong, so you should expect to see lots of action in the near future. You can check it out here:

It’s always great to see community members creating their own projects for NavCoin. Here are two interesting creative projects that members of the wider community have created:

The first is @jottum’s first version of a 3d printed NavCoin keychain. I really look forward to seeing where this progresses in the future!

And the second project came from @beekart who has created some awesome visuals & fan art for NavCoin.

The Cobinhood vote is live! Cobinhood is an exchange that is running a voting campaign to see who it will list on their exchange for free. Senior members of our community @IfaqYurmama and @YaBoiBeezy have created some information and a fund to help you get voting:

NAV is up against some tough competition, so get voting!

That’s the weekly report for this week!

Talk Soon,
NavCoin Core Team.


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