Fund Voting Update, Nav Coin Korea Live and Discord Launched

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In this week’s report we have an update on the community fund network vote which is currently underway. We’ve been listed on the korean exchange UpBit and released the full korean translation of our website. We’ve launched the official Nav Coin Discord channel and more. Check it out.

Community Fund Vote Update

With less than 24 hours to go in the current voting period for implementing the community fund, “yes” votes are nearing 50% in total, with around 33% defaulting to “no” because they haven’t updated the wallet yet. Of those who have updated their wallet to v4.0.6 and cast a vote, an overwhelming 92% of votes are for “yes”.

Even though we will not reach the 75% consensus this voting period, the vote is only just beginning really. The voting periods will continue to roll around and we only need to achieve the 75% consensus in any given period.

For those of you who have already cast your vote, keep your wallets online and staking to have your say. For those who haven’t upgraded to 4.0.6 and cast your vote yet, we encourage you to have your say on our network decision. We will continue to push out communications over the coming week to encourage people to vote.

Watch the vote here:

Learn more about the community fund here:

Nav Coin Listed On Korean Exchange

Nav Coin has been listed on the new Korean exchange – UpBit. UpBit has a formed a partnership with Bittrex to be able to trade the largest amount of coins available in Korea. This is great news as we’ll now get better access to the Korean market – which is fast growing to be one of the bigger crypto markets.

You can see our trading page here:

Korean Subdomain Launched

To celebrate Nav Coin being listed on UpBit, we are launching the Korean translated version of the Nav Coin website to support our new Korean community.

Check it out here:

Nav Coin Discord Launched

Slack has proven to be a great tool for connecting our community, however over the last few months a lot of public Slack Channels, ours included, have fallen victim to spam and scams. Slack is designed for small teams of trusted individuals and hence it simply doesn’t have a lot of the permission control which would be required to combat the spam.

To safeguard and provide a better experience to our community members we are going to be transitioning from Slack to Discord. Discord allows much better permission control, admin identification and spam prevention. For now we will support both Slack & Discord, but please do join us on Discord:

An AMA With The Team On Discord

To encourage the transition of our Slack community to Discord, we will be running an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) there this coming Monday 30 October at 9PM GMT.

We hope to have most of the team online and available to answer questions. If you want to know more about any of our products, projects, proposals or you just want to get to know the team better then jump in the chat and join the discussion.

Updating The Tech Support Forum

The Nav Coin forum has been around for a while, but with the likes of Slack/Discord/Reddit it doesn’t get as much use as it once did.

So we have now removed all the unused categories and re-focused the forum to concentrate on technical support. The forum is split into sub-categories for each of our products (Nav Coin Core, Electrum, NavTech etc..) as well as specialised language categories for non-english speakers.

We’ve managed to get the login to work again and we have our staff and senior community members monitoring the forum on a regular basis to help with support queries.

This will be our main medium to help with technical issues. Since people can easily find the answer to their question if it’s already been asked, and our community members can assist people with problems, we hope that this will streamline the support process and mean that the development team spend more time building software and less time answering similar questions.

Check it out here:

Two Week Development Sprints Implemented

To better improve our development processes, we are moving from a one week development sprints to two weeks.

We were comfortable working in one week development cycles for Polymorph, as each task was quite small in scope. But now we have moved on to the back end code (which processes the NAV that comes back from Changelly) and the tasks are somewhat larger and more complicated. To accommodate the larger task size and reduce time spent on code reviews (and other process based tasks), we have increased the size of the development sprint to two weeks.

This means you will still be getting a weekly report from us, but the sprint statistics will only be available via github every 2 weeks.

NavPay Update

We spent the second half of last week with our development team focusing on finding the NavPay signature bug which has stopped the beta in its tracks. We have made a lot of good progress to understand how the CoPay code is working, but still haven’t found the culprit causing the signature issue. We are continuing to work on this code base over the week.

NavPi’s Sold Out Again

Our latest batch of NavPi’s have sold out – so we are now in the process (again) of buying up new stock for the next batch. A huge thanks to everyone who is supporting us by buying these – the NavPi is a great way to stake your coins, and with the new auto-update feature it is easier than ever to manage.

We’ll update you again once we get close to reopening purchases for the NavPi on the store.

That’s the weekly update, till next week.

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team.

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