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This week has been busy as always at Nav Coin HQ. There’s been lots of work for our Chief Engineer Craig MacGregor to review since he’s returned from the planning week in Berlin. We’ve started to collate the draft documentation from the planning meetings, continued our NavTech 1.2 testing and also added some new team members into the mix.

Polymorph continues onto its 7th development sprint with the Order Creation now ready for review. This marks one of the major milestones for the project and is the completion of the first stage of how we will send each of the Changelly exchangeable cryptocurrencies through our NavTech private payment platform. With Craig back in the office the development pace should resume to its previous level as we have 15 story points scheduled to be completed this sprint.

The documentation which was written during the planning meetings in Berlin has been digitized and shared amongst the team. The Auckland team is having a meeting tonight to run the wider team through the plans initiated by Craig & Alex, to both get them up to speed and get their input. These projects are not simple or small by any means, so it’s still going to be some weeks before we have the draft white papers ready for public consumption. We are taking our time to talk to industry experts in economics, marketing, cryptography etc to make sure that what we present is feasible, worthwhile and meaningful to the community.

With everything that has been going on the final testing of NavTech 1.2 and the new 4.0.4 version of the wallet has taken a bit of a back seat and we do apologise for the delay of their release. We are committed to getting the new wallet distributed and NavTech payments resumed within the next week. All the testing so far is looking good, we just need to find some time within the team to run a suite of stress testing on the system and make sure that it operates as expected under maximum load. Once the team is happy that it’s all working as intended, we will begin some wider testing with a segment of the community and also get our NavTech server operators up to date with the latest versions.

All project progress has been updated on the roadmap:

Recently we launched both our development and marketing donation funds on the Nav Coin website with the intention of using the funds for either in team or community lead projects.
We have already received donations to the marketing fund and initiated a new community led marketing campaign to gain some awareness for the Nav Coin brand by running banners through Google. There is a bounty for the top two banners of 500 NAV and 250 NAV, and you can see the details here:

This is run and funded by the community, so please donate to help out, or message our marketing team if you would like to get involved.

Guy has had his first training session on how to build and test the NavPi’s in preparation for opening orders on the store. Before we open orders, we will be upgrading the Nav Coin Core version, adding some extra security features and releasing a new version of the NavPi image. Expect the NavPi to start shipping in the next couple of weeks.

This week we are also onboarding two new casual members for the marketing team – both of which are highly experienced and will bring a lot of skill to the team. One is a digital marketer/strategist and the other a web designer. Both of them reached out to help because they believe in the potential for Nav, and want to do what they can to help our cause. More details on these two new members will be released as we go through their induction process and figure out where they fit into the puzzle.

We have been in contact with Wirex who are working with Changelly to integrate their products. We’ve been informed that their integration project is underway, which means Nav Coin’s addition to the Wirex Card is just around the corner. There is no release date set yet, but you can order one of their cards to prepare for this event.

Craig has also been in contact with various organisations of interest since his return from Berlin who are interested to act as advisors or collaborators on our upcoming ADapp platform.

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team.

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