Our 2018 Roadmap is Live

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Our 2018 Roadmap Is Live! We’re excited to be releasing our 2018 roadmap with you this week. The NavCore team has been working hard to formulate a solid strategy and clear vision for NavCoin. The release of our 2018 roadmap is the first stage of sharing our wider vision. We feel this roadmap supports our ‘big picture’ mission of simplifying … Read More

Electrum Export to NavPay

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After the NavCoin hardfork implemented in December, an unexpected side effect was that the NavCoin Electrum wallet has been unable to sign transactions. The NavCoin Electrum wallet is a product line which we are discontinuing in favour of NavPay. With the signature issue and the recently reported security vulnerabilities in Bitcoin Electrum, we urge all NavCoin Electrum users to follow this guide and … Read More

Thank you 2017!

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What an incredible year 2017 has been for NavCoin. This really was the year where NavCoin grew from the side project it started as, into the mature project you see before you today.