Bittrex Wallet in Maintenance, What You Can Do to Help

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A public service announcement from the Nav Coin team; The Bittrex Nav Coin wallet is currently in maintenance mode, meaning users can still trade but aren’t able to use the deposit and withdraw features. Don’t panic! This temporary maintenance mode will be resolved very soon with a bit of help from the community. Many users are still using old versions of Nav Coin (version 4.0.4 and previous) which is causing Bittrex to experience some intermittent network issues. The solution? Update to the newest 4.0.6 wallet here.

If you’re using a Nav Pi to stake, we understand that the updating process can be complicated and time consuming for you. To streamline this process we’ll be releasing a Nav Pi auto-updater tool in the next couple of days; be sure to keep an eye out for the weekly update with more information on our new and simple auto-update features. If you can’t wait and want to manually update your Nav Pi you can follow the tutorial by NavTechServers:

Regardless if you’re a Nav Pi user or not, to make for a timely solution we strongly urge users to update to the latest Nav Coin wallet as soon as possible. You’ll not only allow Bittrex to mobilize the Nav Wallet but you’ll also be able to participate in the Nav Coin Community Fund vote and garner from the latest Nav Tech features. #winning!

We’d like to reassure you that we are working hard to onboard the community with the newest wallet version and that Bittrex will resume withdrawal and deposit functions once majority users are up to date. In the meantime, if you’re looking to deposit and withdraw Nav Coin you can use alternative exchange platforms such as Poloniex, Alcurex, Cryptopia or LiteBit.

Update your Nav Coin Wallet Now.

UPDATE (17 October 2017): Thanks to everyone who has updated their wallet, Bittrex is now active for deposits and withdraw again. Great work so far, but the fight isn’t over yet. If you’re still using version 4.0.4 (or previous) of the Nav Coin Core wallet, we still urge you to update to 4.0.6 to take part in the Community Fund Vote and get all the latest bells and whistles.

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