Binace Vote Started, Nav Pi Ready to Ship and Nav Coin ES Launched

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This week the Nav Coin Team activated a community vote to get NAV on Binance, commenced building the third batch of Nav Pi,  launched a full Español version of the Nav Coin website and fixed the login issue on our technical support forum. It’s been a busy week to say the least!

Binance Community Vote

Nav Coin is in the running to be added to Binance, one of China’s largest Alt Coin exchanges. We have been accepted into their community coin voting initiative which will see the top voted coin get added to their exchange. The voting is only open for one more day (closes 5 October) so make sure you go and vote for Nav Coin today!

Last month they added more than just the top voted coin, so even though it looks like we won’t finish with the most votes, it’s still worth casting your vote to show your support for Nav Coin. Every vote helps to build our case for being added.

To spread the word about the voting, we are also running a Retweet Competition on twitter where you can go into the draw to win 1000 NAV. For more information about how to vote and how to enter the competition please visit our website.

Raspberry Pi Build Started

The Raspberry Pi boards have finally arrived on our doorstep which means we have started the build process for NavPi Batch 3. The first shipment will be leaving for their destinations tomorrow morning.

We have secured a new shipping method which should offer tracking to some of the destinations we ship to. We will be adding this option to the store once the zone rates are confirmed for people to choose moving forward.

We will be updating the order status as the items ship out, so please keep an eye on your email and order over the coming days. We hope to clear all pre-orders by the end of next week.

Español Nav Coin Website

We have been working hard to encourage people from all over the world to use Nav Coin and to be a part of the cryptocurrency revolution. As well as our single page translations in many languages, we have started to work on full translations of the website in our most popular languages. The first full translation we have achieved is Español.

Native Spanish speakers are a huge part of the Nav Coin community. Behind English speakers they are our next largest sub-community when grouped by language. We are please to be able to connect with this community more and we hope to expand the other languages we support in the near future.

Technical Support Forum

Over the last month or so the software that runs our technical support forum has been experiencing an issue where users were no longer able to login to the forum. New users or users who reset their password were able to login via the confirmation link in their email, but using the login form would not work. To make this issue even more difficult to debug, there were no errors being reported by the server and no other sites using the same software were reporting this issue.

After a lot of debugging, reinstalling, upgrading, migrating and head scratching we’ve managed to get the forum working again and up to date with the latest software release. Our senior community members can once again login to help you with your technical difficulties. Don’t forget to search the forum for your issue before posting because chances are, someone else has had the same issue before.

Development Update

Our development team have continued progress on Polymorph this week with another 10 points of stories completed in the sprint. Polymorph progress will slow a little over the coming sprint as we build and dispatch NavPi’s to the waiting customers. Finishing the NavPay beta release has been held back by some of the urgent tasks at hand like making sure we have a working support channel. Now that these are completed, the dev team will be focused on finding and resolving the issue blocking the beta release of NavPay and getting this underway as soon as possible.

Talk Soon,
Nav Coin Team.

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