ADapp Planning, Polymorph Progress & NavTech 1.2 Testing

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This week we have focused on the planning meetings in Berlin about our upcoming ADapp platform. We have also been making progress on the Polymorph project and sent our first successful private payments with the NavTech 1.2 updated software.

During the planning meetings, we have successfully defined most of the ADapp platform and how it will work. When our Chief Engineer Craig gets back on to New Zealand he will begin working on the first whitepaper for the platform and have it peer reviewed before releasing it to the public. Our goal with the platform is to unlock the benefits of blockchain technology in a way that does not require a steep learning curve for developers while also providing advanced privacy to both developers and app users. We will be releasing more information about the platform once the whitepaper is written and reviewed.

With Craig in Berlin the team in Auckland team have continued to make progress on the Polymorph project. The system is now generating return addresses and creating exchange orders with the Changelly platform. Several features are ready for review and we will have more to report on this next week when Craig arrives back in Auckland and reviews the teams work.

NavTech 1.2 has had its first successful private payments sent through the new system. All tests so far are looking great. We are going to subject the new system to extensive testing over the next week to confirm that all the parts are working correctly and that any failures are handled in the correct way. We will have more information about the release date once the testing has been completed.

Because we have been focusing on the ADapp plans, this is all we have to report this week. We hope to make more progress before the next weekly update.

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team.

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