NavCoin Core Manifestos

The objective of NavCoin Developer and Content Manifestos is to clearly set out the reasons contributors to the NavCoin community do what we do, how we do it and why. These documents cover guiding principles, purpose, scope of work and operational requirements to ensure we share the same values and always operate in the best interests of the network.

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Why decentralized governance is revolutionary.

As contributors to the NavCoin community we are members of one of the world’s first functioning anarcho-syndicalist societies. This revolutionary system is based on the belief that when people are free to act in their own best interests they naturally work in the best interests of society as well. Another way to describe to anarcho-syndicalism is decentralization.

How decentralization can help make the world a better place.

Decentralized digital currencies like NavCoin take control of the monetary system away from government and corporate elites and returns freedom, privacy and financial power to the individual.

That’s why NavCoin is not just a payments protocol, it’s actually a vector for a profound change in the way the global economic system operates.

Decentralized governance is at its heart.

Because there is no central authority for NavCoin, a crucial part of our role as members of this community is to be champions of neutrality and consensus based decision making.

But decentralization doesn’t just sound good in theory, it has tangible benefits for everyone.

How does decentralized governance benefit you?

NavCoin is our focus, but decentralization introduces more security, stability and safety into any system.

  • No central point of failure of protocol development.
  • No central point of failure of network infrastructure.
  • No central point of failure of communications.
  • Less chance of being attacked, co-opted or taken down.

Decentralization also offers protection from corruption. History has shown us countless times that too much power in too few hands inevitably leads to its abuse.

What’s more it gives the individual a chance to make a real difference. Improvements to the protocol come from the bottom up, and can be submitted by anyone. NavCoin’s thriving community is living proof that when people are trusted to do good, they will contribute for the good of all.

The guiding principles of NavCoin’s decentralized governance.

The beliefs that guide the NavCoin Core Collective have been detailed in the Developer and Content Creator manifestos. You’ll see that the principles of decentralisation are central:

Personal autonomy and freedom is paramount and will never be infringed.

All protocol changes will maintain or improve the network’s capability to be neutral, inclusive and decentralised.

We will always respect the majority network consensus.

We won't participate in hostile action against competitors or alternative systems.

Our source code will be open, freely available and auditable.

Decentralization depends on you.

When everyone in the NavCoin community takes responsibility for contributing to the development of the protocol and actively pushing its message out to the world, not only does the community benefit, the benefits spread to society as a whole.

Conversely without your participation as an empowered autonomous individual there can be no decentralization, and hence no NavCoin.

NavCoin’s success truly is up to you, and you are free to make it happen.