What Is Navcoin

Navcoin is an open-source, blockchain based Proof of Stake cryptocurrency. Its design is public, nobody owns or controls Navcoin, and everyone can take part. It’s a platform that’s run by its users, for its users - with an incentivised network of nodes verifying payments all around the world.

Project Overview

Why Are People Using Navcoin?

It's cheap, fast, eco-friendly and privacy focused.

Be your own bank

There are no banks or intermediaries that run Navcoin, and no one you need to deposit your money with. All payments are peer to peer, and managed by your wallet. Unlike the current system, you have total control of your money, and a say in how the network is run.


Blockchains by their nature are public ledgers that allows anyone to view every transaction ever sent, which makes privacy a challenge. Navcoin is dedicated to providing privacy for users, so that your information can only be given with your consent, not taken.

Cold staking

Security is the number one priority for Navcoin, which makes cold staking an important feature on the network. Instead of having all your coins connected to the internet - this allows you to participate in staking the network, while also keeping your coins offline for added protection.

Carbon neutral network

Navcoin uses Proof of Stake which is an energy efficient form of blockchain validation. With sponsorship from the Community Fund, Navcoin has offset the estimated annual carbon footprint of the network to become the world’s first carbon neutral cryptocurrency.

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A human readable address

You can personalise your wallet using OpenAlias, which allows you to create an email-style address for your NAV. The service is built on top of the worldwide DNS service to convert a domain name into a cryptocurrency address, making sending a payment easier than ever.

Frictionless payments

In the digital economy, sending payments around the world should be fast, cheap, and easy to do. Navcoin can be sent for a fraction of a cent, will show up within seconds (confirmed in 30 seconds), and there are a range of wallets designed to make sending NAV effortless.

History Of Navcoin

Navcoin is a community-run network that was started in 2014. It initially used Proof of Work, but quickly made the shift to Proof of Stake. With no ICO or premine, Navcoin has always been self-funded to ensure a fair distribution and that everyone has a chance to get involved.

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How To Use Navcoin

A programmable currency for the web3 era, with a range of use cases.

Buying goods & services

A cheaper way to pay for goods & services - with no expensive chargebacks.

Digital tip jar

If you’ve got space to add a QR code, you’re able to accept NAV - it’s that easy.

Transparent funding

Projects can be held accountable to stakeholders through transparency of spending.

Borderless payments

Low-cost money transfers makes doing international business even easier.

Multi-person wallets

Create a shared account with family or friends, with a range of security options.

Store of wealth

Navcoin doesn’t require any central authority to run - meaning your money is in your control.

A Developer-Centric Community

Making it easy for developers to get involved.

Lots of ways to get involved

Navcoin is an ecosystem of different teams and projects - allowing for a number of ways to get involved.

Community fund

Navcoin’s Community Fund allows contributors to get paid by the network for their efforts.

Proof of Stake Alliance member

Which aims to collaboratively research the PoS protocol - alongside PivX, Blackcoin, Particl, Komodo, and more.

Active research & development

Navcoin Protocol Improvement Proposals (NPIPs) are the research playground where cryptographers, economists, and developers collaborate.

Programmable money

Digitizing money allows it to be programmable, automatable, and interactable in new and interesting ways.

An easy payment solution

You don't need to sign up with anything in order to accept payments. It's as easy as showing your address or QR code!

Protocol Roadmap

With an active community working on the Navcoin protocol, check out the roadmap to see what's coming next.

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