Navcoin Core 6.0.0

alex v
15 Jan 2021
Navcoin Core 6.0.0

Navcoin Core 6.0.0

The launch of our very much awaited new private coin xNAV was kickstarted two weeks ago on January 1st with the publishing of the Navcoin Core 6.0 release candidate binaries.

After being able to get the builds battle-tested on mainnet during the testing period, the builds have shown to be stable and with no major reported issues.

As of today, we are ready to make the final version available for our community to download from our Github releases page.

Navcoin v6.0 Release Notes

blsCT: Boneh–Lynn–Shacham Confidential Transactions

<Pull Request 743>

This PR proposes a consensus change signaled by version bit 10 to signal the activation of the blsCT protocol in the mainnet starting on February 1, 2021.

Read more details about blsCT in

[DAO] Exclude inactive stakers from votings

<Pull Request 745>

This PR proposes a consensus change signaled by version bit 12 starting on February 1, 2021 to allow excluding stakers from the DAO votings.

Nodes (like users who do not want to participate in the votings or exchanges which activate staking) will be able to exclude their staked blocks from the quorum by indicating the option -excludevote=1, preventing a scenario where a big enough amount of staking coins not engaging in the governance process could make impossible to reach the acceptance/rejection thresholds.

Additionally, a node will label automatically their blocks to be excluded even if -excludevote=1 is no specified, whenever the staker hasn’t been active voting in any of the last 10 voting cycles which had an active vote. This is reverted whenever the staker casts a vote.

Blocks are labeled to be excluded by activating the right-most bit of their nOnce parameter.

Add support for wallet database encryption

<Pull Request 717>

This PR introduces wallet transaction data encryption and updates LevelDB to the version 5.8. Wallets created or upgraded with Navcoin Core 6.0 are not compatible with previous versions of Navcoin Core.

Binary notarization for MacOS

<Pull Request 767>

MacOS binaries are now notarized and do not show a warning for unidentified developer.

[TEST] Fixed qa/rpc-tests/

<Pull Request 715>

[RPC] getaddressbalance returns staked value

<Pull Request 723>

[RPC] Address history index

<Pull Request 724>

<Pull Request 725>

[GUI] Disabled DAO notification if not staking

<Pull Request 726>

[RPC] Correctly label isstakable in the validateaddress help response

<Pull Request 727>

[GUI] Add voting address to the cold staking wizard

<Pull Request 728>

[WALLET] Fix -wallet issue #729

<Pull Request 730>

[INDEX] Index cold staking UTXOs by spending address

<Pull Request 731>

[RPC] getaddresshistory counts balance for whole history even when range

<Pull Request 732>

[GUI] Update getaddresstoreceive.cpp

<Pull Request 733>

[CLEAN] Remove declaration of undefined function

<Pull Request 734>

[RPC] Fix for getaddresshistory balance of multiple addresses

<Pull Request 735>

Update httpserver.cpp header

<Pull Request 740>

Add 0x2830 address to team list addresses

<Pull Request 744>

Added tilde (~) support to the datadir param for navcoin

<Pull Request 751>

Fixed the missing transaction size in send coins dialog

<Pull Request 752>

Update blsct key generation warning message

<Pull Request 753>


d5c98f7df7ae89fa3b2da4f9619116d488855b48f372a19ce478718086164873  navcoin-6.0.0-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
c05083b268ac21c17c641ce0a881db870a83a29f67144eaa38bdd6d5e2ffb58d  navcoin-6.0.0-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz
f8f4625a83e97305ae158a9b76de5966c3a3d7ba6d6ce0413f7762af68d971fd  navcoin-6.0.0-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz
8f670aa625143f59b3674b51d23a2453e9c0eb79acc7901515ed1c2eefa75451  navcoin-6.0.0-osx-signed.dmg
de4a8c16ec37f27205eea51eae6c81f7c48305d9692fc782c263502a51502289  navcoin-6.0.0-win32-setup-unsigned.exe
d9120b52d232f877ab73de66133eba89165bb6166f78e43128419b45ad7b5122  navcoin-6.0.0-win64-setup-unsigned.exe
02f65cf3a4b086b235e53ea2cbbba5e057884fb5f767fe4b80c957c627d3ad77  navcoin-6.0.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
alex v
15 Jan 2021