NavCoin Core 5.0.1 - Hotfixes

alex v
9 Jun 2020
NavCoin Core 5.0.1 - Hotfixes

NavCoin Core 5.0.1 - Hotfixes

This minor release contains a small set of patches for our last major release. Upgrade is not mandatory but recommended, specially if you use the mnemonic backup feature.

NavCoin v5.0.1 Release Notes

Fix getaddressbalance for address reuse

<Pull Request 691>

Updated the message that RPC call returns after encrypting wallet

<Pull Request 708>

Added more progress indicators during wallet start up

<Pull Request 702>

Added a password step to setup wizard

<Pull Request 700>

Fix for crash when voting for payment request

<Pull Request 706>

Added new show/dump mnemonic UI, similar to the dumpmnemonic RPC call

<Pull Request 692>

Fixed qa/rpc-tests/

<Pull Request 703>

Updated the encrypt wallet logic to not replace master key

<Pull Request 697>

Fixed some functional tests that were checking for state == 0 for expired proposals or prequests

<Pull Request 698>

Updated price update timer to respect shutdown request

<Pull Request 696>

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To download the NavCoin Core 5.0.1 please visit the Wallet Downloads page.

alex v
9 Jun 2020